Acronyms and abbreviations

AAGA Australian Abalone Growers Association
AAHBS Aquatic Animal Health and Bio Security
ABARES Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Science
ABFA Australian Baramundi Farmers Association
ABN Australian Business Number
ACA Abalone Council of Australia
ACPF Australian Coucil of Prawn Fisheries
AEADRA Aquatic Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement
AFANT Amateur Fisherman’s Association of the NT
AFMA Australian Fisheries Management Authority
AFMF Australian Fisheries Management Forum
AFTA Australian Fishing Tackle Association
AGIMO Australian Government Information Management Office
AGVP Average Gross Value of Production
AICD Australian Institute of Company Director's
AIMS Australian Institute of Marine Science
ALC Anindilyakwa Land Council
AMIA Australian Mussel Industry Association
AMSA Australian Maritme Safety Authority
ANAO Australian National Audit Office
ANU Australian National University
AOP Annual Operating Plan
APAC Australian Partnership for Advance Computing
APFA Australian Prawn Farmers Association
ARFF Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation
ARLF/ARLP Australian Rural Leadership Foundation/Program
ASA Agri-food Skills Australia
ASBTIA Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association
ASCo Australian Seafood Co-products
ASDD Australian Spatial Data Directory
ASFB Australia Science Fisheries Biology
ASI Australian Seafood Industries (oyster breeding company owned by the Tasmanian and South Australian oyster industries)
BAC Broome Aquaculture Centre
CAAB Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota - is a continuously maintained and expanding 8-digit coding system for aquatic organisms in the Australian region maintained by CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia (CMAR). Initially developed to cover fishes and selected other organisms of research or commercial interest, it has more recently been expanded to provide more comprehensive coverage of a number of aquatic groups, as information is available. CAAB is used by a large and expanding number of governmental and industry groups for marine biology and fishery purposes and has replaced almost all other national and locally designed coding systems.
CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia
CDU Charles Darwin University
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFA Commonwealth Fisheries Association
CI Co-investigator
CIR Continual Improvement Request
CIS Continual Improvement System
CoE Centre of Excellence
CPI Consumer Price Index
CRC Cooperative Research Centres
CRCNA Cooperative Research Centre for Northern Australia
CRC-P Corprate Research Certificate - Program
CRRDC The Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations
CSIRO Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation
CSS Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
CST Clean Seas Tuna
D&I Death and invalidity
DAWR Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
DFAT Department of Forgein Affairs and Trade
DMZ De-militarised Zone
DOF Department of Finance
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EMS Enviromental Management System
EOI Expression of Interest application for funding
EPSC Employer productivity superannuation contribution
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
FARM Committee Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee of the FRDC board
FINO FINO - the FRDC’s project management system
FishNet The FRDC’s on-line application system
FRDC Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
FTE Full time equivalent
GCMA Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture
GST Goods and Services Tax
HVAC Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to provide indoor environmental comfort.
Iaas Infrastructure as a Service
IBA Indigenous Business Australia
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IFCoE Indigenous Fisheries Centre of Excellence
IMAS Institute of Marine and Antartic Studies
IMOS Integrated Marine Observing System
IP Intellectual Property
IPA Industry Partnership Agreement (FRDC agreement with a specific sector)
IQA Internal Quality Audit
IRG Independent Research Group
IRG Independent Research Group
JCU James Cook University
KLC Kimberley Land Council
KPI's Key Performance Indicators
LCF Lakes and Coorong Fishery
MBR & FNCC Marine Biodiversity, Resources & Fisheries National Coordinating Committee
MBRFRP Marine Biodiversity, Resources and Fisheries Research Program
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MSC Marine Stewardship Council
NAA National Archives of Australia
NAC National Aquaculture Council
NAILSMA North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance
NARP - MBR National Adaptation Research Plan – Marine Biodiversity and Resources
NASFI National Alliance of the Seafood and Fishing Industry
NCCAPFA National Climate Change Action Plan for Fisheries and Aquaculture
NCCARN - MRB National Climate Change Adaptation Research Network – Marine Resources and Biodiversity
NCCP National Carp Control Plan
NCR Non-conformance report
NESP National Environmental Science Program
NGO Non Government Organisation
NLC National Land Councils
NMSC National Marine Science Centre
NMSC National Marine Science Committee
NORMAC Northern Prawn Fishery Advisory Committee
NPF Norther Prawn Fishery
NRETAS Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport (NT)
NRM Natural Resource Management
NRMMC National Resource Management Ministerial Council (Australia)
NSIA National Seafood Industry Alliance
NSILP National Seafood Industry Leadership Program
NSW New South Wales
NSWRAC New South Wales Research Advisory Committee
NT Northern Territory
NTSC Northern Territory Seafood Council
NZMSS New Zealand Marine Science Society
OCS Offshore Constitutional Settlement
Attorney Generals Department
OOD Oyster Oedema Disease
OWG Operations Working Group
Oysters Australia Australian oyster industry peak body
PaaS Platform as a Service
PAD Personal appraisal and development
PBS Portfolio Budget Statement
PC Productivity Commission
PCBU Principle duty holder, ‘Person conducting a business or undertaking’ A PCBU may be either:

• the Commonwealth (eg. a department)
• an agency
• a licensee until 2013

For the purposes of this procedure the FRDC is the PCBU.
PI Principal Investigator
PICSE Primary Insutries Centre for Science Education
PID Act Public interest disclosure Act
PIEF Primary Industries Education Foundation
PIEFA Primary Industry Education Foundation Australia
PIRD Act The Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989
PIRSA Primary Industries and Regions South Australia
POMS Pacific Otster Mortality Syndrome
PRMA Property Risk Management Association
PSPF Protective Security Policy Framework of the Australian Government
PSS Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
PSSAP Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan
QA Quality Assurance
QLD Queensland
QLDRAC Queensland Research Advisory Committee
QSIA Queensland Seafood Industry Association
RAC Research Advisory Committee
RD&E Research Development & Extension
RDCs Research and Development Corporations
Recfish Recfish Australia (peak recreational fishing body)
RIRDC Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
ROI Return on Investment
SaaS Software as a Service
SAFS School of Agriculture and Food Science
SAOGA South Australian Oyster Growers Association
SAORC South Australian Oyster Research Council
SARDI South Australian Research and Development Institute
SAWIN South Australian Womens Industry Network
SBT Southern Bluefin Tuna
SCAAH Sub Committee Aquatic Animal Health
SCRC Seafood Co-operative Research Centre
SCRC RAC Seafood CRC Research and Adoption Committee (SCRC RAC) established to provide technical expert advice, to ensure due process is followed.
SCU Southern Cross University
SDO Standards development organisation
SEA Seafood Experience Australia
SETFIA South East Timor Fishing Industry Association
SFM Sydney Fish Market
SIA Seafood Industry Australia
SIAA Seafood Importers Association of Australasia Inc
SIL System Improvement Log
SIV Seafood Industry Victoria (Vic peak industry body)
SOCo Select Oyster Company (oyster breeding company owned by NSW oyster industry)
SRB Standards Reference Body
SRL Southern Rocklobster Limited
SSA Seafood Services Australia
TASRAC Tasmanian Research Advisory Committee
TLC Tiwi Land Council
TNQI TAFE Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE
TORC Tasmanian Oyster Research Council
TRF Tactical Research Fund, process and application type used for short sharp tactical RD&E activities. See also PP-03
TSGA Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association
TSIC Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council (Tasmanian peak body)
TSIRC Torres Strait Island Regional Council
TSRA Torres Strait Regional Authority
UAT User Acceptance Testing
WA Western Australia
WAFIC Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WA peak body)
WARAC Western Australia Research Advisory Committee
WFC World Fisheries Congress
WFCB Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology
WHS Work Health and Safety
WPI Wage Price Index
WRLC Western Rock Lobster Council
WRLCRDAG Western Rock Lobster Council Rare Diseases Advisory Group