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Patrick Hone
Managing Director
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Carolyn Stewardson
Portfolio Manager – Research
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John Wilson
General Manager - Business
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Peter Horvat
General Manager Communications, Trade and Marketing
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Cheryl Cole
Manager Corporate Services
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Kyaw Kyaw Soe Hlaing
ICT Manager
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Crispian Ashby
General Manager Research & Investment
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Joshua Fielding
Senior Portfolio Manager - Research
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Wayne Hutchinson
Portfolio Manager - Research
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Skye Barrett
Portfolio Manager - Research
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Christopher Izzo
Senior Portfolio Manager - Research
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Alison Connelly
Portfolio Officer-Research
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Leah Fergusson
Portfolio Officer - Research
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Nicole Stubing
Portfolio Manager - Research
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Annette Lyons
Portfolio Manager – Finance
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Ilaria Catizone
Communications Officer - Science writer
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Phillipa Nott
Administration Coordinator
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Pranab Acharya
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Matt Barwick
National Carp Coordinator
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Jennifer Marshall
Projects Manager - Carp
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Pamela Milnes
Portfolio Officer - Carp
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FISH Magazine

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Executive Director


Dr Patrick Hone

Patrick Hone was selected and appointed as FRDC's Executive Director on 21 April 2005. 

Patrick Hone is Executive Director of the FRDC and a member of the National Marine Science Committee. Patrick has extensive knowledge of all sectors of the fishing and aquaculture industries. He has more than 20 years working for the FRDC and has played a key role in the planning, management and funding of fishing and aquaculture related research, development and extension in Australia. In recent years Patrick has become one of Australia’s leading spokespeople on the role of marine science.

Patrick has a PhD from Adelaide University, and previously worked for SARDI on a wide range of aquaculture research for Southern Bluefin Tuna, Pacific Oysters, mussels, Yellowtail Kingfish and abalone.


Business Management


John Wilson

John Wilson is the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's (FRDC) Business Development Manager. John's role includes Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer, and Company Secretary of Seafood Services Australia Limited. John is a Certified Practicing Accountant, with an honours degree in Economics from the ANU and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Canberra. He is a Justice of the Peace, a director of two family owned companies, and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

John has been with the FRDC since February 2000. Before that, he worked with Airservices Australia as the Manager Finance & Administration/Financial Controller of the Air Traffic Control Division, and the Business Analyst of the Commercial Operations Group. Previously he was Austrade's Manager, Financial Services and its Manager, Systems Development. John has also been the Manager Corporate Services for the Australian Centre for International Research.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl joined the FRDC in April 2004 as the Office Administrator and comes from an extensive background in administration and account management. Cheryl is now the Manager for Corporate Services and has responsibility for managing the FRDC's human resource issues, as well as the monthly and annual financial reporting requirements.

Phillipa Nott

Phillipa comes to the FRDC with 17 years of experience in accounts and payroll. She was previously with Australian Pork Ltd. She has also run her own bookkeeping business and holds a teaching degree.

Pranab Acharya

Pranab joined FRDC in April 2017 as a Chartered Accountant with almost 5 years of experience in the Auditing and Taxation Sector. He has a ‘Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting’ from CA Australia NZ and a ‘Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting’ from Macquarie University. Pranab assists FRDC with its Financial reporting & compliance obligations and business operations. He is an aspiring musician and is a table tennis enthusiast.


Programs Management

Crispian Ashby

Crispian joined the FRDC in February 2002, starting as a Project Manager before taking over as the Program Manager in June 2005. Formerly with Victoria's Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute as a senior field scientist, he worked with industry on various FRDC projects assessing bycatch reduction measures in the South East Trawl fishery. Prior to this, he worked with New South Wales Fisheries on bycatch issues in the South East Trawl, estuarine prawn and finfish haul fisheries.

He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fisheries Technology from the Australian Maritime College and a Graduate Diploma in Biological Science from the University of New South Wales. 


Annette Lyons

Annette has been with the FRDC for over a decade. During that time she has held the positions of Office Administrator and Office Manager. She is now Project Manager, Finance and oversees the processing of project related payments. 


Carolyn Stewardson

Carolyn grew up on a sheep and cattle property in the Western District of Victoria. Prior to commencing her university studies, Carolyn worked with State Government assisting the local farming community with disease management of livestock.

Carolyn has completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of New England, and a PhD at the Australian National University in the field of marine science. While doing her PhD, Carolyn worked extensively with the South African fishing industry.

From 2003 to 2008, Carolyn work as a scientist at the Bureau of Rural Sciences, in the Fisheries and Marine Sciences Program. In this position, Carolyn also worked on the BRS Fisheries Status Reports and is a recipient of the Alison Furbank Award for Communications Excellence in 2007 for work with the fishing industry.

Over 12 months Carolyn was on secondment with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority working on Marine Bioregional Planning before joining the FRDC in May 2009.

Outside of work Carolyn enjoys teaching Marine Biology and camping with her family. 


Jo-Anne Ruscoe

Jo's background includes industry training and education, aquaculture extension, research and hatchery production. She has enjoyed a varied career around fishing and aquaculture that has taken her to NSW, Tasmania, Queensland, the Northern Territory and now Canberra. 

Jo holds a Certificate in Executive and Management Development from the Australian Graduate School of Management, an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Aquaculture) from UTAS, a Bachelor of Arts from Central Queensland University, and a Certificate IV in assessment and training. Jo is a graduate of the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program and the recipient of an FRDC Scholarship for rural women's corporate governance to undertake the AICD Diploma.  

Joshua Fielding 

Josh joined the FRDC in March 2014 as a Projects Manager. Prior to being at FRDC Josh worked at the Australian Fisheries Management Authority in several fisheries areas including Tuna and International Fisheries and Northern Fisheries. In this time Josh gained experience in a number of functions relevant to fisheries management, including altering legislation to update fishery management arrangements and incorporating Ecologically Sustainable Development principles into fisheries management. Josh has also worked for Tasmanian Salmon farming company Tassal for a period between 2012 and 2013 as a Technical Officer.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Marine Science from the University of Tasmania. 

Wayne Hutchinson

Wayne Hutchinson started with the FRDC in February 2016 as Project Manager (Research), overseeing research undertaken under Industry Partnership Agreements with the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association, the Australian Prawn Farmers Association, the Australian Abalone Growers Association and the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association. He has an extensive background in aquaculture and holds a Master of Applied Science in Aquaculture (Research) from the University of Tasmania. His research has primarily addressed hatchery-related issues ranging from egg supply through to fingerling production of a range of local marine finfish species including Snapper, King George Whiting, Yellowtail Kingfish, Mulloway and Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Skye Barrett

Skye Barrett joined the FRDC Adelaide Office as a full time Project Manager (research) and has been tasked with working closely alongside the NSW, QLD, NT and WA Research Advisory Committees (RACs) to manage projects from each jurisdiction. She has a family background in the South Australian commercial fisheries sector and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology (Honours) as well as a Graduate Certificate in Economics and has been employed at SARDI as a Research Officer, working predominantly in the Wild Fisheries program since 2010.

Christopher Izzo

Christopher Izzo is part of the FRDC Adelaide Office as a full time Project Manager (research) and works with the Commonwealth, South Australian, Tasmanian and Victorian RACs to manage projects in these jurisdictions. Chris has a diverse research background in fisheries and fish biology, obtaining his doctorate at the University of Adelaide, having worked on various commercial species ranging from cockles to sharks.  


Alison Connelly and Leah Fergusson

Alison Connelly and Leah Fergusson job share the role of support officer at FRDC, assisting Project Managers with management of funded projects from conception to completion whilst managing the meeting process for the Regional Advisory Committees that approve these projects.

They are a well-oiled job sharing team as they had a similar work arrangement at the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (Seafood CRC) where they worked for seven and five years respectively. Alison Connelly also worked at Dbusiness Events. While at Seafood CRC Leah Fegusson also obtained a diploma in management and they both worked closely with the FRDC team while with the Seafood CRC.

Nicole Stubing

Nicole Stubing joins FRDC in her first position in industry after finishing her undergraduate studies. She recently graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Science (Natural Resources) with Honours. She has a solid network of contacts within the fishing and aquaculture sectors and research community of South Australia, which she acquired while working with SARDI and the oyster industry as part of her Honours year.




Peter Horvat

Peter Horvat commenced as the Communications Manager in late January 2005 and brings with him experience in the field of communications. Peter joins FRDC from the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) where he managed the development of the National Problem Gambling Awareness campaign. Peter has developed an array of experience dealing with both local and national campaigns.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations) from Deakin University, Diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has been an ACT Council Member for the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) for the past four years. 

Ilaria Catizone

Ilaria joined the FRDC in April 2012 as Science Writer. Ilaria previously work at the CSIRO where she gained substantial experience in communicating science to the general public. She has a background in plant molecular biology and worked as a researcher when she first arrived in Australia in 2001.

Originally from Italy, Ilaria holds a degree in Agricultural Science with Honours from Bologna University and a Master of Science Communication from the Australian National University.