Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) welcomes its new board and farewells its outgoing one

The FRDC would like to thank the directors of its outgoing board for their hard work and service.


“I believe the last board made a significant positive difference for Australian fishing and aquaculture that grew to over $3b during the board’s term.” Says FRDC Chair, the Hon. Ron Boswell.  


The last board comprised the Hon. Ron Boswell (Chair), Ms Renata Brooks (Deputy Chair), Dr Patrick Hone (Managing Director), Professor Colin Buxton, Mr John Harrison, Dr Lesley MacLeod, Professor Daryl McPhee, and Mr John Susman.


The FRDC would also like to welcome its new board members Dr Kate Brooks, Mrs Saranne Cooke, Mr Mark King JP, Mr John Lloyd, Ms Katina (Katie) Hodson-Thomas, who are newly appointed; and Professor Colin Buxton, and Dr Lesley MacLeod, who have been reappointed. The Hon. Ron Boswell and Dr Patrick Hone continue in their positions.


The directors were appointed by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. David Littleproud MP. Their mandate is effective immediately.


Outgoing board achievements


The outgoing board was responsible for delivering the first three years of the FRDC’s Research Development and Extension Plan for 2015–20. This Plan was a significant departure from those of the past, and took the FRDC into new areas of investment such as the Status of Australian Fisheries Stocks that shows continuing improvement in the environmental performance of the commercial wild catch sector and Whichfish, a website aimed at helping retailers choose which seafood to stock.


The board’s other achievements include:


·         growing the FRDC’s income base

·         defining and delivering a balanced portfolio approach to the FRDC’s investments

·         supporting the Indigenous Reference Group to progress its articulated principles and goals

·         increasing the focus on biosecurity, such as, responding to the outbreak of White Spot Disease in South Queensland, Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) in oysters, and pilchard orthomyxovirus (POMV) in Atlantic Salmon

·         forging a good working relationship with the newly created Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)

·         developing the National Carp Control Plan for the Australian Government – a significant national initiative

·         initiating the national Fish and Chips Awards to engage with consumers, and deliver key messages on the sustainability that underpins Australia’s fisheries management

·         building capacity in the FRDC to undertake marketing on behalf of Australian fishing and aquaculture

·         creating a vehicle for fostering innovative business approaches to industry opportunities with x-lab and Fish2.0

·         working with Dr Christine Pitt to expand FRDC’s investment mechanisms to future proof the organisation

·         working with the recreational fishing sector to improve economic, social, and catch data

·         working with the recreational fishing sector to improve economic, social, and catch data

·         successfully leading the FRDC through an external performance review (as required by the FRDC’s Funding Agreement with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

·         focussing FRDC on addressing the serious issues associated with safety and wellbeing in Australian fishing and aquaculture.

The FRDC through investing in knowledge, innovation, and marketing aims to increase economic, social and environmental benefits for Australian fishing and aquaculture, and the wider community.


The FRDC is a co-funded partnership between its two stakeholders, the Australian Government and the fishing and aquaculture sectors.