Seafood Escape with Andrew Ettinghausen

Seafood Escape, is a six part series showing the action and adventure of how sustainable seafood is sourced from the seas and bays around Australia. It goes the extra step to show how that seafood becomes a part of our national cuisine.

Series two has now been given the go ahead and FRDC will work with Andrew to bring the stories of six more fisheries to life, showcasing the work that goes into catching those fish and how to cook them.

In the manner of Gourmet Farmer and Surfing the Menu, Seafood Escapes gets down and dirty – and wet – working out where our food originally comes from, then follows it all the way to the plate in interesting workaday and trendy restaurant settings. And along the way, it takes viewers to some of the most scenic coastal communities ever seen on television.

Each of the six half-hour episodes is set in a different state of Australia. It sets the scene of the coastal community which is the destination for this week’s seafood escape, then introduces the local fishing skippers and crews – and crucially, a local chef and his or her restaurant – who are the real stars of each show.Seafood Escape - ET

The first series included:

  • Eastern School Whiting from Lakes Entrance Victoria
  • Octopus from Fremantle in Western Australian
  • Mullet from the Peel and Harvey Estuary in Western Australian
  • School Prawns from the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales
  • Leather Jacket and Bluespot Flathead from many kilometres of the coast of Sydney in New South Wales

This series was proudly sponsored by FRDC.

FRDC have also produced a number of Youtube and Vimeo clips showcasing different aspects of the seafood industry from the farms, fishing and industry, through to processing and chefs profiles. Also see