Western Rock Lobster Council (WRLC)

Formed in 2001, Western Rock Lobster Council (WRLC) is the peak body working to further the interests of the Western Rock Lobster Industry. The council has a board of 8 directors elected by licence holders with 2 independent directors. Further information can be found on the WRLC website.

WRLC Contact:

Matt Taylor
Chief Executive Officer

FRDC IPA Manager/Contact:

Josh Fielding

Industry Partnership Agreement

WRLC also facilitates a process to guide expenditure of Research and Development (R&D) levy funds independently collected from industry by State Government agencies and leveraged via the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC). Accordingly, the FRDC is a key WRLC partner with strategically aligned R&D priorities and objectives.

Western Rock Lobster Research and Development Strategy 2022

WRLC guides all industry R&D expenditure for this valuable fishery sector and, over the next five-year planning horizon, has a range of areas it wishes to work in to achieve its objectives. The role of the WRLC is larger than just R&D, the following is a summary of the areas from their Strategy which relate to R&D.

WRLC objectives

WRL has set the following strategic objectives for 2018- 2021 that build on our past achievements and will support fulfilling our vision going forward:

  • The WRL industry is professionally managed to achieve an economic contribution of $1billion GVP to the WA economy by 2028.
  • The WRL harvest strategy ensures long-term access to the sustainable resource.
  • The community has sufficient confidence in the WRL fishery to support continuing access to the resource.
  • There is confidence in the WRL industry to attract and retain investment.
  • The WRL Council is proactively managing industry risk, reputation and development.

WRLC strategies

These four strategies are high priority for WRL’s activities for the next four years. Our four strategies give us direction and enable us to deliver on our objectives.

1. Securing resource access
Support R&D to secure resource access through a strong social licence to operate.

2. Research and development for resource security
Collaborate and invest in targeted R&D, development and technology to drive GVP growth for future resource security.

3. Delivering optimum value for the asset
Scope industry structure and development to deliver optimum value for the asset.

4. Industry leadership
Manage the WRL Council as the peak policy and leadership body for the industry.

To view the WRLC Strategy 2021 visit:


 Current Research Priorities:

The following areas are the R&D related tactics WRLC wishes to employ in 2018:

  1. Proactively manage internal industry and external community communications and stakeholder relationships.
  2. Invest in building human capacity and improving professionalism, to sustain industry advocacy and leadership.
  3. Establish the National Institute for Spiny Lobster Research in WA, with recurrent funding mechanisms.
  4. Collaborate across other fishing sectors to develop a high standard of marine and occupational health and safety.
  5. Professionally manage the WRLF harvest strategy and TACC by accessing scientific, economic and industry expertise.


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