Queensland Research Advisory Committee

Background and RDE Goals:

The Queensland Research Advisory Committee (Qld RAC) formerly the Qld FRAB, is an Australian Government statutory authority that was established by the FRDC in March 2016 under the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989 (PIRD Act).

The committee is expertise-based, composed of membership reflecting the various sectors/stakeholders of fishing and aquaculture across Queensland.

The Qld RAC aims to, on behalf of the jurisdiction of Queensland, invest into research that meets both jurisdictional and, where appropriate, national strategic RD&E goals to addresses the major challenges facing fisheries in Queensland, including the commercial, aquaculture, recreational and indigenous sectors.

The Qld RAC has established the following key research goals:

  1. Fishing and aquaculture will continue to have improved performance in environmental sustainability
  2. Fishing and aquaculture will be more resilient to social, environmental and economic change
  3. Fishing and aquaculture businesses will be more productive and profitable
  4. Recreational fishers will have improved opportunities for better fishing experiences and will play a greater role in the stewardship of fisheries resources
  5. More Indigenous people will derive benefit from fishing and aquaculture activities and will play a greater role in the stewardship of fisheries resources
  6. Information about the science and management of the sustainability of fishing and aquaculture will be more accessible to the consumer and meet consumer’s needs



  • James Fogarty – Chair
  • David Bateman
  • Peter Jackson
  • Warwick Nash
  • Rachel Pears
  • Eric Perez
  • Ross Quinn


Priority list:

Call for applications

Stakeholder workshops

FRDC Management Contacts:

Skye Barrett – Executive Officer (M 0419 935 945; E skye.barrett@frdc.com.au)

Leah Fergusson – Secretariat (M 0402 422 605; E leah.fergusson@frdc.com.au)


Meeting dates:

2017 Qld RAC Meeting Dates:    Tuesday 10 October

2018 Qld RAC Meeting Dates:    Tuesday 20 March

                                                     Tuesday 11 July

                                                     Tuesday 23 October


Associated IPAs:

Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries IPA  

Australian Barramundi Farmers’ Association IPA

Australian Prawn Farmers’ Association IPA

Oysters Australia IPA