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09/06/2017 - Australia’s seafood industry celebrates the launch of new peak body

The launch of Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) today in Adelaide is testament to Australia’s seafood industry coming together in spectacular fashion to create a new national peak body.


16/05/2017 - Carp virus causes multi-decadal population collapse among ‘Rats of the River’ in iconic Mississippi

This study shows carp numbers dramatically declined along one of the largest and most iconic river basins in North America since the 1990’s after nearly a century of carp infestation, and have remained suppressed since then.


30/03/2017 - Koi Carp Warning – they don’t belong in our Waterways

Mr Barwick said the Victorian Government’s reminder was timely and said koi carp were in fact a brightly coloured variety of the same carp species that is currently infesting our waterways in plague proportions.


24/02/2017 - International Interest in Carp Biological Control Welcomed

National Carp Control Plan Coordinator Matt Barwick today welcomed recent international interest shown in Australia’s National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) which discusses the risks associated with using biological controls.


20/12/2016 - Prawn-tastic Christmas for Conscious Consumers

Consumers of Australian seafood can have renewed confidence in the sustainability of buying fish from Australian stocks this Christmas with the release of the latest edition of Status of Australian Fish Stocks (SAFS)reports.


19/12/2016 - Australian fisheries and aquaculture statistics 2015

The gross value of Australia’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors rose 12 per cent to $2.8 billion in 2014-15, thanks largely to increasing demand for rock lobsters and salmon species.


26/10/2016 - Minister Joyce Appoints ‘The Carpinator’

The war to rid our waterways of one of Australia's most devastating pests, the common carp, has received a boost today with the appointment of a national coordinator to develop the $15 million National Carp Control Plan.


19/10/2016 - Valuing NSW Coastal Fisheries

Findings of a two-year University of Technology Sydney research study, Valuing Coastal Fisheries, reveal that both social and economic factors must be considered when measuring the value professional fishing delivers to communities.


11/03/2016 - FRDC Applauds Austral World First Carbon Neutral Initiative

Austral Fisheries world’s first seafood sector company to go carbon neutral.


08/03/2016 - Indigenous Fishers Meet in Cairns

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fishers are meeting in Cairns today to discuss key Research and Development needs for Indigenous fishing communities at the third National Indigenous Fisheries RD&E Forum.


08/02/2016 - Australian fishers seeking seafood solutions in United States

Four Australian fishers are about to set on a journey of discovery visiting the United States to cast a line and exchange ideas on how small scale fisheries are selling both seafood and themselves to their communities.


28/10/2015 - National Seafood Award winners committed to excellence

Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon producer Huon Aquaculture won the title of Australia’s Best Seafood Primary Producer at the eighth National Seafood Industry Awards presented in Perth, WA, on Tuesday night.


08/10/2015 - Australian mussels are safe and sound

Consumers of commercially available mussels and shellfish can have confidence that these products are safe to eat.


17/09/2015 - Fish plan aims to bring $500m in benefits for Australia

02/09/2015 - Ministerial Release - New Board to bring change to fisheries and aquaculture research in Australia

09/06/2015 - Revolutionary fish ageing research completed

Australian fisheries scientists have recently completed a world-first research project that will help to rapidly estimate the age of fish.


07/05/2015 - Funding to grow white fish for the future

25/07/2014 - New Fish Names Committee Members Announced

Mr Gus Dannoun has been appointed to the role of independent Chair of the Australian Fish Names Committee.


23/07/2014 - Australian fisheries science aligns with world’s best

International researchers at the Small Pelagic Fisheries Technical Workshop and Stakeholder Forum held last week in Adelaide concluded Australian fisheries science and management was on a par with the rest of the world.


20/07/2014 - Culinary young guns to tour Tasmania

The national finalists from the Appetite for Excellence will spend the next week visiting primary producers in Tasmania.


14/07/2014 - Australia’s small pelagic fisheries benchmarked against the world

Some of the world’s top small pelagic fisheries experts are meeting in Adelaide from today for a five-day workshop to share knowledge and new technologies in an effort to improve the performance of Australia’s fisheries.


21/03/2014 - Celebrate Sustainable Seafood Day

Australians have good reason to celebrate Sustainable Seafood Day on Friday 21 March. Across the four corners of Australia, fisheries are in the best shape they have been in for over 20 years.


12/12/2013 - A new opportunity for promotion of seafood and fishing following changes

Today marks a historic day for the future of FRDC with the passing of the Rural Research and Development Legislation Amendment Bill 2013.


11/12/2013 - How about Stargazer, Snow Crab or Golden Perch as Fish names this Christmas

Apart from reciting the Night Before Christmas and remembering that Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Blitzen, and Rudolph (the one with a red nose) were all Reindeers; when is a name important at Christmas? When buying your seafood of course.


05/12/2013 - Australia’s Top 10 Seafood this year

19/02/2013 - Dietary Guidelines Supports Seafood Consumption

Dietary guidelines outline need for seafood in diet and that men in particular need to increase their consumption by more than 40% to meet recommended food group intake.


11/12/2012 - New reports give fuller picture of Australia's fish stocks

Australia’s key wild fish species are well managed according to the first ever national snapshot of fish stocks, released today by Fisheries Minister, Senator Joe Ludwig.


23/11/2012 - Australian scientist to head international shark expert group

James Cook University’s Dr Colin Simpfendorfer has been appointed to a four-year term as the Co-Chair of theInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission’s (IUCN SSC) Shark Specialist Group.


16/11/2012 - Gillard Government proclaims the final network of Commonwealth marine reserves

Australia's precious marine environments have been permanently protected with the proclamation of the world's biggest network of marine reserves.


15/11/2012 - Research underway to rapidly reveal fish age

Media Release for FRDC Project 2012/011


02/11/2012 - Aquatic disease response capabilities put to the test

South Australia’s aquatic animal disease response capabilities will be under the microscope in coming weeks, as part of a national exercise to test our emergency response preparedness.


29/10/2012 - Brownlip Abalone - Growing out of the Greenlip's Shadow

Considered by-catch in Western Australia’s South Coast abalone industry 13 years ago, brownlip abalone is now emerging as a significant component of the commercial abalone fishery.


11/10/2012 - The science of trawling

Questions have been raised around the sustainability and use of trawling. Trawling can be one of the most efficient and sustainable methods for catching certain types of fish and shellfish.


27/09/2012 - Major research underway on Shark Bay blue swimmer crabs

A new project, seeking key biological information in Australia’s highest producing blue swimmer crab fishery, has commenced with funding from the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC), WA’s fishing industry and the Department of Fisheries.


21/09/2012 - New directors appointed to guide fisheries research and development

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, has today announced the appointment of new directors to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC).


17/08/2012 - Report card shows Australia's oceans are changing

Launched today, the 2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card demonstrates that climate change is having significant impacts on Australia’s marine ecosystems.


02/07/2012 - Breeding the next generation of jungle perch

Jungle perch could soon be making a comeback in Queensland waters with the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) receiving $483,000 in funding from the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to accelerate fingerling production.


18/06/2012 - Large whaler sharks: study to investigate best management

A two year study into the ecology, population, movements and distribution of Sandbar and Dusky Whaler Sharks has commenced with researchers from NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) investigating...


07/06/2012 - Fisheries Research Board to visit Darwin

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) board of directors will be visiting Darwin 12-14 June 2012.


16/04/2012 - Fisheries Research Board to visit Port Lincoln

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) board of directors will be visiting Port Lincoln 16-18 April 2012.