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Oysters Australia (OA)

Oysters Australia (OA) was established in 2011 and is the national peak body working to further the interests of approximately 550+ individuals and businesses located mostly in NSW, South Australia and Tasmania with small production occurring in Western Australia and Queensland.  


Oysters Australia Contact:
Sue Grau, Executive Officer -


FRDC IPA Manager/Contact:

Wayne Hutchinson - 
Industry Partnership Agreement
Oysters Australia manages and co-ordinates R&D investment using funds through the industry partnership agreement with FRDC. The FRDC is a key partner for planning and investment in the research, development extension needed to achieve its vision. OA works closely with the FRDC and research providers to focus resources into the RD&E needed to address current priority investment areas, including:

  1. Selective breeding of Pacific Oysters and Sydney Rock Oysters for resistance to aquatic diseases, improved performance and market characteristics.
  2. Understanding the drivers of oyster diseases and development of improved management methods.
  3. Improvements to biosecurity and surveillance of aquatic diseases.
  4. Sustainably increase production and profitably through innovative methods and technologies.
  5. Ensuring shellfish safety and market access.

RD&E investment planning, project development and implementation is undertaken through a collaborative process between industry representatives of the OA R&D Committee and research providers, with priorities identified during regular teleconferences and at meetings of oyster growers associations in South Australia (South Australian Oyster Growers Association), Tasmania (Oysters Tasmania) and New South Wales (NSW Farmers Oyster Committee).

Current Research Priorities:

  • Selective breeding programs to improve resistance of Pacific Oysters and Sydney Rock Oysters to aquatic diseases.
  • Understand factors contributing to Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) in NSW and Tasmania to inform improved oyster farming methods.
  • Investigate improved methods for disease surveillance


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