Advisory Committee

Undertaking an extensive industry feedback program requires not only good planning but also good industry knowledge and support.

As part of its wide consultation, the FRDC brought together a group of industry representatives who are well respected and have a high level of expertise in seafood marketing. The Marketing Function Advisory Committee brings together individuals who represent producers (licence holders and fishers), companies (small to large), sectors and representatives of the supply chain.

The committee assisted the FRDC to refine and implement the stakeholder engagement strategy. These individuals are volunteering their time to assist FRDC in bringing the marketing initiative to the industry. The Committee ran from June 2014 to December 2015.

Members of the Advisory Committee were:

  • Brett McCallum - Committee Chair and Deputy Chair at FRDC
  • Dr Len Stephens -  Managing Director at Seafood Cooperative Research Centre
  • Peter Fare - Group Marketing Manager at Sarin Group
  • David Caracciolo - Director at NT Fish Pty Ltd, Mackay Reef Fish Supplies
  • Gus Dannoun - Supply Manager at Sydney Fish Market
  • Andrew Puglisi - Owner at Kinkawooka Shellfish
  • Anthony Mercer - Business manager at De Costi Seafoods
  • Arthur Raptis - Owner at A. Raptis & Sons
  • Sam Gordon - Director at Blue Harvest Pty Ltd
  • Nathan Maxwell McGinn - Marketing Manager at Craig Mostyn Group
  • Anthony Ciconte - Executive Chair at Commonwealth Fisheries Association