Seafood safety

This discussion forum was designed to provide you – the fishing and aquaculture community – with a means of sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions with others in the industry about seafood safety and the potential value marketing this topic could bring to the industry.

Seafood safety can mean a number of different things. Ask a consumer and they may say seafood safety refers the fish being safe (i.e. doesn't have Mercury or Ciguatoxins) and hygienic to eat.

From a marketing perspective, seafood safety can be a significant advantage in some markets. China for example is very focused on seafood that is seen to be safe. Therefore the clean green image of Australia seafood is a very attractive and beneficial attribute. The Australian Wild Abalone industry have used this to their advantage and built an entire brand around this exact product attribute – http://www.seafoodcrc.com/australian-wild-abalone/australian-wild-abalone.html

At an international level, seafood safety is a factor in developing and maintaining access to markets around the world. The Australian SafeFish group helps the Australian seafood industry by providing technical advice for trade and market access negotiations and helps to resolve barriers to trade. It does this by bringing together experts in food safety and hygiene to work with the industry and regulators to agree and prioritise technical issues impacting on free and fair market access for Australian seafood.

As custodians of the sea, many in the industry are passionate about the health of the oceans and marine life and in ensuring the resource remains safe and sustainable.

Considerations discussed

Based around this definition we were keen to know whether you think seafood safety is a topic for marketing.

  • Does seafood safety have value or a place in marketing?
  • Is seafood safety something those outside the industry need to know more about? Do consumers need to know more about why the seafood they eat is safe and how this is ensured?
    Is there a particular aspect of seafood safety consumers need to know more about? If so, why? Is there a perception among consumers that needs to be corrected?
  • To what extent do you think market research could play a role in developing a marketing initiative on seafood safety? Furthermore, could this be done proactively to minimise the impact of any potential incidents (such as Fonterra milk powder scare) on the industry as a whole?
  • Could marketing on the safety of seafood, dovetail into other marketing opportunities such as quality of the industry and its production, thus enhancing international trade?
  • Is there a need or value in marketing the industry's attitude and behaviour to safety on the water? Eg. safe operation of vessels, custodians of the sea always willing to help others in distress, sustainable and safe fishing. 
  • Could a marketing initiative be used to proactively or reactively address the impact of a negative story confronting the industry? 

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