The National Marine Science Committee launched the National Marine Science Plan on 11 August 2015 at Australian Parliament House.

The Plan draws together the knowledge and experience of more than 23 marine research organisations, universities and government departments and more than 500 scientists.

The Plan identifies seven critical challenges facing Australia and provides recommendations about how, in a coordinated way, marine science can support Australia in meeting those challenges. Those challenges are:

  • marine sovereignty, security and safety
  • energy security
  • food security
  • biodiversity, conservation and ecosystem health
  • urban coastal environments
  • climate variability and change
  • resource allocation. 



National Marine Science Plan PDF

Announcement – NMSC - A vision in blue 11 August 2015 PDF


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The NMSC (formerly known as the ‘Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group’) is an advisory body promoting co-ordination and information sharing between Australian Government marine science agencies and the broader Australian marine science community.  

NMSC is made up of representatives of Australian Government agencies and additional members who assist the group to access stakeholder, industry and research views and state/territory government considerations.

National Marine Science Committee members are:

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