The Recreational Fishing in Australia 2010 and Beyond Discussion Paper was developed by the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RFAC) to advise government in the development of a Recreational Fishing Industry Development Strategy (RFIDS).

The RFAC recommended to the Australian Government that a suite of projects, under seven broad categories would be appropriately should underpin the RFIDS program. Projects funded under the categories outlined below will form the basis of the program with applications against these scopes being invited soon.

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation has will undertake the day to day management of the program on behalf of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

RFIDS Recreational Fishing Research Projects

The projects will be coordinated by the FRDC and its recreational fishing research group Resfishing Research. The projects include an expansion of the future leaders program and a climate change implications paper. Funding will also be used to develop a national education program, hold a national recreational fishing conference, and support research into the health and well-being benefits of fishing for recreation.

An overview of the projects can be obtained from the Recfishing Research program coordinator.

Phone: 0422 752 789
Address: 36 Sydney Street Labrador, QLD 4215