Delivering to FRDC’s strategic goals of “achieving sustainability while lifting prosperity” during  a period of rapid social change and attendant shifts in consumer tastes and expectations requires a change in culture away from an inwardly conservative approach towards an externally  connected approach. To learn how to drive this cultural change, FRDC initiated the Fish-X Project.  

Fish-X is a three-year research project to explore whether new venture creation methods such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup can be applied to build capability and drive cultural change in the fisheries, aquaculture, and recreational fishing sectors, extending upon existing R&D  investments. Our desired objective is to shift the industry away from an inwardly-conservative  approach towards an externally-connected, entrepreneurial mindset, better able to create new,  sustainable and scalable business models. 

Our approach to driving this cultural change has been to focus on three areas of work: 

  1. People Capability Development – recruiting and training innovators, both from within  the industry as well as new entrants, in the mindset and methods of startup  entrepreneurship; 
  2. Team & Project Development – coaching promising teams and/or individuals tackling  valuable, industry-relevant problems to validate and de-risk their ideas for solutions; 
  3. Ecosystem Development - establishing and supporting a network of Fish-X-trained  innovators & investors that share an understanding of entrepreneurial mindsets, skills and  practices, and valuable, sector and region specific problems and opportunities.