This website contains copies of final reports, active projects and corporate publications (FRDC’s FISH Magazine, Factsheets, Advisory Body Newsletters and project related publications).

Final reports and current projects

The FRDC has now completed over 2000 research projects. Our goal is to provide free access to all the reports completed. However, some of the very early files have been archived and may not be available for download. If following a search for the project number the final report is not visible please contact the FRDC and we can find the report and have it scanned.

In addition to this bank of knowledge we are adding to this by investing in around 100 new projects each year. A list of current projects are available on the Current Research Projects page.

The Final Reports Search function allows you to search for the reports using key words, researcher and project numbers (xxxx/xxx). FRDC continues to maintain this search functionality to improve results.

Should you require any final reports that do not appear on the website please contact the FRDC Communications Team on 02 6285 0400 or email