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What is this opportunity about?

The FRDC is keen to hear from you about your thoughts on marketing, the role marketing could play in the seafood industry and the benefits marketing could offer in the future. We need the ideas and opinions of the seafood community to help us do this. Your feedback is vital!

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What are the benefits?

There are many industries like ours that already incorporate a marketing function. A number of examples of these are provided below. These examples are designed to assist in visualising how a marketing function might operate and consider the benefits that can be realised for the industry as a...

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What is The Plan?

The feedback provided by the fishing and aquaculture community through this website, and through other avenues such as emails and phone calls will be fed into a 'Marketing Plan'. The Plan will reflect the seafood community's views, comments and responses to how a marketing program will benefit the industry.

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Recent comments

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HI Sue, we are wild barramundie harvesters in the Qld. I guess we have the same situation... read more

Blank profile imagePaul Plafadellis commented 1 year 12 hours ago:
This proposed marketing plan benefits all stakeholders of the seafood industry. It should... read more

Blank profile imagePaul Plafadellis commented 1 year 12 hours ago:|
Having spoken to some friends, I am aware of many people who want to be able to eat fish... read more

Blank profile imagePaul Plafadellis commented 1 year 12 hours ago:
As an industry, we feel any media coverage about seafood is more often than not negative... read more

Blank profile imageRosemary Stanton (not verified) commented 1 year 5 days ago:|
Peter The books Seafood the Good Food I and II are valuable sources of information on... read more



Marketing Function Advisory Committee


FRDC has gathered thought leaders from across the seafood community, including commercial, recreational and indigenous. These individuals have agreed to volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge of the industry to assist FRDC in bringing this marketing initiative to the seafood community. 


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Brett McCallum 

Brett McCallum
Chair at FRDC

Dr Len Stephens 

Dr Len Stephens
Managing Director at Seafood Cooperative Research Centre

Peter Fare 

Peter Fare
Group Marketing Manager at
Sarin Group

David Caracciolo 

David Caracciolo
Director at NT Fish Pty Ltd, Mackay Reef Fish Supplies