The FRDC has approached this initiative by embarking on its largest ever program to talk to industry feedback about what type of market activities it wants.

The goal is for FRDC to understand the long term aspirations of businesses and of the industry as a whole as well as identifying priorities, and finally what is the industry ultimately prepared to invest in, to market its seafood and products.

Over the next four months the FRDC will gather the industry's views through a range of avenues, including this Photowebsite, emails, phone and face-to-face meetings and feed the comments into developing a 'marketing plan'. This plan will be designed to identify what it is the industry might want from a marketing program how it might be structured, what areas it might focus on and how it could involve and benefit the whole of industry.

The industry feedback will be recorded in this site and form the foundations of a marketing plan that will encompass not only broader market issues that apply to all sectors, such as supply chains, market data and how to fund marketing activities, but also specific industry sector needs.

We are keen to hear your views, so please let us know what you think.

Outlined below are some initial category headings that we think would be good discussion pages to start with. (Click on each category to view the discussion)

If you think we need another heading please let us know.

Image of seafood industry (not product)

…is about you the fisher, you the industry and not what you sell. It is about how the community sees your activities, values, type of work and you the fisher/farmer.

International Trade

…is about undertaking activities in overseas markets – China and Japan for example. Note this area will not be a category for all industry sectors.

Retail (point of sale)

…is about how your brand or product is seen at the point of sale. This includes information supplied to the retailer, in-store packaging and demonstration, window dressings, and promotional activities. This category should apply to anyone who has seafood that ends up in a retail shop.


This category …is about the sales pitch. It is how you communicate with the consumer. It includes television, radio and print advertising, magazine article about your product/company, public relations activities, celebrity endorsements, product/company placement on menus. This category is broad and will apply to most companies selling seafood.

Education (learning about seafood)

…is about helping customers and chefs understand your product. Demonstrations about what is it, where it comes from and how to prepare and cook it.

Quality standards

…is about ensuring your product/brand has a baseline that every customer knows they will receive each and every time they purchase it. It is a combination of research (getting the quality) and marketing telling customers what they should expect every time.

Market and consumer research

…is about having the knowledge and understanding of what your customers like or do not like, it is about knowing how they want your product to be available. This category should be one of the most important of all marketing areas, because it will mean you can better target what you do and ensure you get the result you are after.

Seafood Safety

…underpins both your product/brand. It is something that every customer expects and demands that you are able to show. It is a combination of research (ensuring good monitoring, processes and practices) and marketing telling customers what to expect and when/why a product is not available.

What results do you want from marketing?