ASBTIA: Optimising the use of praziquantel to manage blood fluke infections in commercially ranched SBT

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SARDI Food Safety and Innovation

Principal Investigator:

Marty Deveney

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Adoption, Environment, Industry


1. Develop methods to quantify Cardicola forsteri and Cardicola orientalis infections (year 1)

2. In vitro study to show equivalent efficacy of praziquantel as a treatment for Cardicola forsteri and Cardicola orientalis infections (year 1)

3. Determine minimum optimum dose to treat Cardicola spp. (year 2)

4. Determine safety margin / display target animal safety (year 2)

5. Determine ANZECC-compliant environmental trigger value and model environmental release (year 2)

6. Dose optimisation field study (year 2)

7. Develop toxicology database (year 3)

8. Determine withholding period from residue studies (year 3)

9. Collate occupational health and safety data (year 3)