Our pledge: Australian seafood industry response to community values and expectations

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Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)

Principal Investigator:

Jane D. Lovell

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Adoption, Communities, Industry


1. Identify values of major segments of the Australian community for fisheries resources and seafood industries, and expectations of industry behaviours that support those values

2. Identify values of the Australian seafood industry that are common across the industry at national and sector/regional scales

3. Establish industry response to community values and expectations, including measurable benchmarks of industry behaviours and performance that demonstrate commitment

4. Demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of a community engagement and communication strategy that is built on recognised shared values and committment to supporting industry behaviours (Extension proof of concept – Prawns)

5. Increase capacity of industry's current and emerging leaders to engage in values-and-behaviours conversations with community leaders on an ongoing basis