NCCP : 2018 Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Program

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Sefton and Associates Pty Ltd

Principal Investigator:

Robbie Sefton

Project Status:


FRDC Expenditure:



Adoption, Communities, Environment, Industry, People


1. • To establish and maintain effective and enduring relationships with key stakeholders for the life of the Program

2. • To facilitate processes that encourage stakeholders to contribute their knowledge and understanding of local issues and impacts

3. • To work as a team to inform decision making and effectively contribute toward the delivery of the best possible program outcomes

4. • To raise awareness across key stakeholders and the broader community about the program, its processes and objectives by December 2018 through a targeted communications strategy which includes agreed key messages and a range of tailored communications products and activities

5. • To build a mandate for recovery of native species and habitats in targeted freshwater river systems and waterways within key stakeholder groups and the broader community through biological control and other control measures outlined in the NCCP by December 2018

6. • To foster support for the process and build trust in the program within key stakeholder groups and the broader community by December 2018