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Human Dimensions Research Subprogram: Social Matters Workshop

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Deakin University Geelong Waterfront Campus

Principal Investigator:

Tanya King

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1. To workshop and build upon the thematically documented FRDC audit of Social Science research (FRDC2009/317)

2. To workshop and thematically document current and ongoing research activities and drivers of participants. They key to this objective is the identification of research-setting processes, and the ways in which social scientists perceive gaps in knowledge and how this might be better aligned with the voices of industry

3. Updated themes, key gaps and emerging issues (from 2009/317) that can be drawn upon by RACs in the immediate future

4. Sharing of knowledge regarding emerging methodologies to maximise contributions of the social scientists to the investigations of identified challenges and research pathways

5. Improved connections between social scientists and a fostering of a coherent voice for social science research in Australia which can be drawn upon to respond collectively to the industry's needs to address emerging issues