Indigenous fishing subprogram: Facilitation of the third FRDC National Indigenous Fisheries RD&E Stakeholders Forum

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Indigenous Marine Resources Consultants Australia

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Stanley Lui

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Communities, Industry, People

Final Report - 2014-404.20-DLD - Indigenous fishing subprogram: Facilitation of the third FRDC National Indigenous Fisheries RD&E Stakeholders Forum

Final Report
Author(s):Jill Briggs and Stan Lui
Date Published:November 2016

​Authors: Jill Briggs and Stan Lui

Key Words: Indigenous fishing, cultural fishing , Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, research planning, rights, primacy, capacity building


This report summarises the outcomes from the third Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) Indigenous Reference Group's (IRG) National Indigenous Fisheries Forum held in Cairns in March 2016 (Forum Three).
Forum 3, developed and supported by the IRG,Thie forum extended the work achieved at the two previous forums held in Cairns in March 2011 and November 2012. The Forums are undertaken as part of a series of discussions in a semi-workshop setting with a national spread of Indigenous fisheries stakeholders in one location.
The agenda was developed so that participants were provided with:
• An update on the current IRG research projects
• An opportunity to review the eleven principles
• The Five RD&E Priorities for Fishing and Aquaculture.
• Time to identify and discuss research gaps to be referred to the IRG for further consideration.
• A chance to discuss and provide insight into communication strategies to ensure research outcomes and results are delivered to identified broad range of communities and groups.
• The opportunity to understand the IRG process and membership and seek additional involvement in the business of the IRG.
Forum 3 participants continue to endorse and support the work that the IRG has undertaken to date. Participants commented on the importance of the current research projects and are encouraging of continued research which delivers concrete outputs for Indigenous fishers and Indigenous communities.


1. - Undertake a third FRDC National Indigenous Fisheries RD&E Forum to provide formal advice to the participants on a range of matters as outlined in the methods section.

2. - Seek advice from a wide range (industry experience and geographical locations) of Indigenous expertise and links to assist to improving FRDC’s strategic investment in indigenous focused RD&E.

3. - Report to the FRDC Board to further develop its investment in RD&E that has a significant benefit to Indigenous Australians.

4. - Enhance the current extension process to the broader indigenous community, Commonwealth and State Departments and key national research programs (e.g National Environmental Science Program, Caring for Country and Reef 2050 Strategic Investment Program) through the links and networks developed at the meeting.