SeSAFE - delivering industry safety through electronic learning

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Western Australian Fishing Industry Council Inc (WAFIC)

Principal Investigator:

Steve J. Eayrs

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FRDC Expenditure:



Adoption, Communities, Industry, People


1. Design and trial the electronic Learning Management System in the Northern Prawn Fishery, and up to three other Australian domestic fisheries. Monitor the uptake, utility, and determine feedback on ease of use and applicability from the trials, to help make necessary modifications before distribution to others.

2. Create linkages and pathways for the LMS to be taken up by industry associations and agencies to be used in championing the improvement in safety culture and training with on-ground fishers.

3. Based on the trials, facilitate further development of 'fishery specific' modules via assistance from the PI and technical input from consultants (365 Solutions) to improve efficiency of the program and direct relevance to specific fisheries/sectors and/or agencies.

4. Utilise information from existing in-progress and under development safety projects funded by FRDC to ensure that the LMS is designed to optimise adoption and uptake by industry.

5. Identify and, where feasible, implement mechanisms to integrate the LMS into the overall marine safety program aimed at changing the culture and behaviour towards safety of the fishing industry.