The impact of habitat loss and rehabilitation on recruitment to the NSW eastern king prawn fishery

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NSW Department Of Primary Industries Orange

Principal Investigator:

Matt D. Taylor

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1. Determine to what extent young eastern king prawns (EKP) are using natural, degraded or rehabilitated habitat in estuaries, and the contribution of these habitats to the fishery

2. Determine the hydrographic conditions which provide for maximum growth and survival of EKP within nursery habitats

3. Determine the extent of key EKP habitat lost and remaining in a number of key estuaries between the Tweed and the Hawkesbury

4. Outline the potential improvements to the EKP fishery that could be achieved through targeted wetland rehabilitation and freshwater flow management

5. Extend information on EKP habitat requirements to commercial fishers, landowners and other catchment stakeholders and incorporate recommendations into fisheries or water management