FRDC-DCCEE: climate change adaptation - building community and industry knowledge

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Western Australia Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)

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Communities, Environment, Industry

Climate Change Adaptation: Building Community and Industry Knowledge

Final Report
Author(s):Jenny Shaw
Date Published:May 2014

Climate change science can be complex, difficult to understand, confusing and contentious. To maximise opportunities for adaptation, increased knowledge and understanding of climate change is essential. The project ‘Climate Change Adaptation: Building Community and Industry Knowledge,’ known as the ‘Knowledge Project’ was developed to address this need. 

Additionally, the Knowledge Project was closely linked to the FRDC project ‘A climate change adaptation blueprint for coastal regional communities’ known as the ‘Blueprint Project’. 

Keywords:  Climate change, coastal communities, knowledge, boundary organisations, Photovoice, communication


1. Increased knowledge and understanding of likely climate change and adaptation measures open to local communities

2. Support of Case Study for Australia in adaptive management that cross correlates regional needs with Australia wide policy and management policies

3. Tailoring the extension and knowledge sharing for regional needs

4. Synthesising, analysing and assisting in adaptation of key climate change information, in the context of external drivers to marine biodiversity and fisheries business