Developing and testing social objectives for fisheries management

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Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA)

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Lianos Triantafillos

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As discussed in the Background section, fisheries management has mostly been directed by economic and ecological objectives. With the introduction of the call for triple bottom line assessments of industry and government performance, a need for social objectives has become apparent which has remained largely unaddressed in terms of integration into management plans for specific fisheries. There is a need for specific social objectives and associated relevant indicators for fisheries management to use in the development of management plans and the assessment of them. This requires clarity over the degree and boundaries of social responsibility fisheries management have in areas such as employment, skills and education. In this context, it is essential to ensure that the tradeoffs between the social, environmental and economic objectives provide the optimal outcomes in the context of fisheries and other external drivers. A universal set of social objectives needs to be identified, trialled (using relevant case studies) and agreed as acceptable for fisheries managers, before any further effective progress can be made on the implementation of triple bottom line assessments or government management of ESD in Australia’s fisheries.


1. Identify social objectives and indicators of relevance at the National level

2. Test and verify applicability of social objectives and indicators using the Queensland Trawl Fishery and three fishing communities in South Australia as case studies

3. Review social objectives and indicators for applicability to National fisheries management

Final Report - 2010-040-DLD - Developing and testing social objectives for fisheries management

Final Report
Date Published:March 2014

Principle Investigators: Lianos Triantafillos, Kate Brooks, Jacki Schirmer, Sean Pascoe, Toni Cannard, Cathy Dichmont, Oliver Thebaud and Eddie Jebreen

Keywords: Social objectives, fisheries management, development, testing

Summary: Full report available online

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