The mission of the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre is to assist end-users of its research to profitably deliver safe, high-quality, nutritious Australian seafood products to premium markets, domestically and overseas. The aim is to double the value of the Australian seafood industry to $4 billion by 2017 and to generate a significant number of new jobs in rural and regional areas.

The FRDC has a strong linkage with the SCRC. As a core participant of the FRDC will invest over $28 million cash and $1.4 million in-kind, over its seven year life. The goal of FRDC’s investment in the SCRC is to assist end-users of its research to deliver safe, high-quality, Australian seafood and increase the profitability and value of the industry. A majority of the FRDC investment in ‘Program 2 – Industries’ will be undertaken via the SCRC.

Since 1991, the Commonwealth government has established well over 100 Cooperative Research Centres ranging from a wide variety of technical areas which include manufacturing, medical, information technology, environment, mining and agricultural technologies. Cooperative Research Centres draw industry and small to medium businesses with researchers to develop solutions for business and industry needs. While businesses and industry are the first to benefit from the Centres, the benefits go well beyond building a stronger economy, enhancing our health and safe gaurding the environment for future generations.

The Australian Seafood CRC consists of four major programs. They are Production Innovation (Program 1), Product and Market Development (Program 2), Education and Training (Program 3) and Commercialisation and Extension (Program 4). With over 400 projects in progress or completed, the CRC is creating a significant amount of outcomes and outputs for industry. A directory of these can be found by downloading the CRC’s product catalogue.