The FRDC works with its stakeholders to achieve the requirements of their RD&E plan through Advisory Groups (Partnerships).  These advisory groups can be at the jurisdiction level (RACs) or sector level (IPAs), and provide key information to the FRDC on the prioritisation and assessment of research.  Additionally, the FRDC will develop subprograms to provide a higher level of coordination, integration and communication for areas of national significance.  Each of the FRDCs current RACs, IPAs and Subprograms are described below. 

Research Advisory Committees (RAC)

The FRDC supports a network of Research Advisory Committees (RACs) located in each state and the Northern Territory. The RACs have an extremely important role in maximising the efficiency of the FRDC's planning and funding process.

Their role is to:

  • develop strategic plans for research and development that take into account other strategic plans, and subsequently maintain strategic directions and be responsive to changing circumstances;
  • set research and development priorities to maximise investment, avoid duplication and achieve the greatest potential return;
  • invite research and development applications to address those priorities;
  • encourage collaboration between researchers, and between researchers, fisheries managers and fishing industry interests;
  • identify appropriate funding sources (including the FRDC);
  • advise the FRDC on the priority and appropriateness of applications attributing benefit to their related fisheries or industry sectors; and
  • assist the FRDC with communication and extension of research and development results. 

For further information regarding Research Advisory Committees (RACs) see - RAC Managment procedure, Application for membership of Research Advisory Committee form, FRDC committee member's code of conduct, FRDC confidentiality agreement.

The RAC contacts are listed below:

COM RAC Peter O’Brien Chris Izzo Allan Hansard
David Smith
Keith Sainsbury
Gordon Neil
Owen Li
Peter Trott
Renee Vajtauer
Simon Nicol
M: 0419 852 723
NSW RAC Peter Dundas-Smith  Skye Barrett Tricia Beatty
Matthew Wassnig
Mark Boulter
Brad Warren
Bruce Schumacher
Troy Billin
Natalie Moltschaniwkyj
M: 0419 935 945
NT RAC Rik Buckworth   Skye Barrett Katherine Winchester
Tristan Sloan
David Crook
Natasha Stacey
Heidi Mumme
Bryan McDonald
M: 0419 935 945
QLD RAC James Fogarty   Skye Barrett John Gavel
David Bateman
Eric Perez
Warwick Nash
Rachel Pears
Ross Quinn
Peter Jackson
M: 0419 935 945
SA RAC  Don Plowman  Chris Izzo Sean Sloan
David Hall
Graham Mair
Gavin Begg
Tony Smith
Paul Watson
Bart Bustson
Gloria Jones
Brian Jeffriess
M: 0419 852 723
TAS RAC Ian Cartwright  Chris Izzo Neil Stump
Robert Gott
Chris Carter
Mark Nikolai
Greg Woodham
Julian Harrington
John Samson
Nick Elliott
Adam Main
M: 0419 852 723
VIC RAC Peter Rankin  Chris Izzo Andy Moore
Mark Gervis
Allison Webb
Craig Fox
Josiah Pit
Kirsten Abernethy
Simon Branigan
Mike Gilby
Russell Conway
M: 0419 852 723
WA RAC Brett McCallum   Skye Barrett ​Alex Ogg
Rick Fletcher
Aaron Irving
Leyland Campbell
Linda Williams
Morgan Hand
Greg Jenkins
Mat Vanderklift
M: 0419 935 945

See calendar for key RAC deadline dates

Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA)

IPA's are an agreement between the FRDC and a sector body to manage a suite of sectoral projects over a specified time period against an agreed industry strategic plan. The priorities and projects selected are generally identified by the industry body and are specific to its needs.


Abalone Council of Australia Ltd (ACA)

Dean Lisson -

​Joshua Fielding -

Australian Abalone Growers' Association (AAGA)

Nick Savva -

​Wayne Hutchinson -

Australian Barramundi Farmers' Association (ABFA)–

Chris Calogeras -

​​Wayne Hutchinson -

Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries (ACPF) -

Rachel King -

​​Crispian Ashby -

Australian Prawn Farmers' Association (APFA) –

Helen Jenkins -

​Wayne Hutchinson -

Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association LTD (ASBTIA) –

Brian Jeffriess -

​Wayne Hutchinson -

Wayne Hutchinson -

​Jo-Anne Ruscoe -

Pearl Consortium

David Mills -

​Jo-Anne Ruscoe -

Southern Rocklobster Limited (SRL) –

Ross Hodge -

​Joshua Fielding -

Tasmanian Salmonid Growers' Association Ltd (TSGA) –

Adam Main - 

​Joshua Fielding -

Western Rock Lobster Council Inc (WRLC)

John McMath -

​Crispian Ashby -


Subprograms and Advisory Groups

On occasion, a planned research and development outcome could be more successful if a number of related projects were managed by employing higher levels of coordination, integration and communication. The FRDC either on its own initiative or at the request of a stakeholder group, can establish a managed subprogram. The subprogram contacts are listed below:


Aquatic Animal Health and Biosecurity
Mark Crane
P 03 5227 5000
CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory
AAHL Fish Diseases Laboratory
Private Bag 24
Chris Calogeras
Chris Calogeras
P 0401692601
38 Lake Ridge Crt, Lake Macdonald, Qld 4563
Matt Barwick
P 0422752789
98 Galoola Drive
Nelson Bay, NSW 2315
Emily Ogier
M  0438 697 081  
IMAS Taroona Private Bag 49 Hobart TAS 7001
Jo-Anne Ruscoe
P 02 6285 0423
Locked Bag 222
ACT 2600

​New and Emerging Aquaculture

​Joshua Fielding

​Joshua Fielding

​P 02 6285 0421

​Locked Bag 222
ACT 2600