Applications for projects through a Board Initiative or Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) require an application to the FRDC for approval.  Dependent on the activity the application will either be the EOI or a full application process.

Prior to developing an Industry Partnership Agreement, applicants should speak with the relevant executive officer for that industry sector.

Board Initiatives

The FRDC Board as part of its role in setting directions for the organisation, and to a certain extent to better understand the future operating environment may initiate projects on specific issues or areas. 

Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA)

Industry Partnership Agreements are an agreement between the FRDC and a sector body to manage a suite of sectoral projects over a specified time period against an agreed industry strategic plan. The priorities and projects selected are generally identified by the industry body and are specific to its needs.

Applications for IPA funded research are carried out via an open process (similar to that of the Annual Competitive Round) that ends with funding approval from both the indsutry body and FRDC Board. Researchers looking to undertake IPA research must contact the relevant industry body.