Current FRDC social science and economics RD&E projects

Project No. Title Organisation
2015-302 Social and economic evaluation of NSW coastal aquaculture University of Technology Sydney
2015-300 Social Science and Economics Research Coordination Program (SSERCP) University of Tasmania
2015-205 Indigenous fishing subprogram: Mapping livelihood values of Indigenous customary fishing Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
2014-235 Evaluating the Performance of Australian Fisheries Ridge Partners
2014-207 The social drivers and implications of conducting an ecological risk assessment of both recreational and commercial fishing - a case study from Port Phillip Bay Fishwell Consulting
2014-200 What data how? Empowering and engaging industry to ensure the needs of contemporary fisheries data are achieved James Cook University
2013-210 Adapt or Fail: Risk management and business resilience in Queensland commercial fisheries James Cook University


Completed FRDC social science and economics RD&E projects

Project No. Title
​2015-702 ​A Final Seafood Omnibus: Evaluating changes in Consumer attitudes and behaviours
2014-301 ​Social and Economic Evaluation of NSW Coastal Professional Wild-Catch Fisheries: Valuing Coastal Fisheries
2014-008 ​Fishery status reports: health-check for Australian fisheries
2013-748.20 ​Roadblocks to the adoption of economics in fisheries policy
2013-412 Conference report: Interantional Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade Conference (IIFET) 2014
2013-235 Fisheries Managers' Workshop
2013-233 Benchmarking Australia's national status reporting system
2013-226 Tactical Research Fund: Development of an industry representative framework for co/management in NSW Fisheries
2013-024 Professionalising Industry / NSW Pilot
2012-746.20 [PDF] Preliminary Investigation of internationally recognised Responsible Fisheries Management Certification / Boston
2012-513 Status of key Australian fish stocks reports and companion national fishery status reports / review of the 2012 reporting process and planning for future reports
​2012-500.20 ​To establish a forum (Common Language Group) for working with all stakeholders to reach agreement on issues which are contentious in the fishing and aquaculture sectors
2012-511 Southern Rock Lobster IPA: communications and extension in the Southern Rock Lobster fishery
2012-402 Staying Healthy: Industry organisations' influence on behaviours and services used by fishers
2012-301 Let's Talk Fish: Assisting industry to understand and inform conversations about the sustainability of wild/catch fishing
2012-215 Research and Development for the modelling and establishment of a South Australian Aboriginal Sea Ranger program
2011-503 FRDC/DCCEE: climate change adaptation / building community and industry knowledge
2011-410 People development program: A program to enhance membership participation, association health, innovation and leadership succession in the Australian fishing industry (Short title / Healthy Industry Associations and Succession)
2011-252 Tactical Research Fund: defining a way forward for the Queensland Reef Line Fishery through evaluating resource sharing research and development options with stakeholders
2011-246 Opportunities and constraints on Australian wild fishing and aquaculture under a carbon economy
2011-244 Towards a strategic relationship between CSIRO and FRDC
2011-239 Tactical Research Fund: Incorporation of predictive models of banana prawn catch for MEY/based harvest strategy development for the Northern Prawn Fishery
2011-233 FRDC/DCCEE: growth opportunities & critical elements in the value chain for wild fisheries & aquaculture in a changing climate
2011-217 RFIDS: identifying the health and well/being benefits of recreational fishing
2011-203 Synopsis [PDF] Governance, social and economic sustainability of WA's Western Rocklobster and finfish industries: An economic governance and supply chain analysis / A Synopsis
2011-203 Governance, social and economic sustainability of WA's Western Rocklobster and finfish industries
2011-200 Setting economic target reference points for multiple species in mixed fisheries
2011-088 El/Nemo SE: extending the Redmap pilot to south east Australia: using citizen science for engagement and early indication of potential new opportunities
2011-040 Climate Change Adaptation Strategies to Support Australia's Estuarine and Coastal Marine Ecosystems
2011-039 Preparing fisheries for climate change
2011-037 RFIDS: implications of climate change for recreational fishers and the recreational fishing industry
2011-036 RFIDS: a coordinated national data collection for recreational fishing in Australia
2010-565 Implications of climate change impacts on fisheries resources of northern Australia
2010-542 FRDC/DCCEE: a climate change adaptation blueprint for coastal regional communities
2010-536 FRDC/DCCEE: beach and surf tourism and recreation in Australia: vulnerability and adaptation
2010-535 Part 2 [PDF] FRDC/DCCEE: management implications of climate change effect on fisheries in Western Australia
2010-535 Part 1 [PDF] FRDC/DCCEE: management implications of climate change effect on fisheries in Western Australia
2010-534 FRDC/DCCEE: ensuring that the Australian Oyster Industry adapts to a changing climate: a natural resource and industry spatial information portal for knowledge action and informed adaptation frameworks
2010-533 FRDC/DCCEE: human adaptation options to increase resilience of conservation/dependent seabirds and marine mammals impacted by climate change
2010-532 FRDC/DCCEE: changing currents in marine biodiversity governance and management: responding to climate change
2010-524 FRDC/DCCEE: identification of climate/driven species shifts and adaptation options for recreational fishers: learning general lessons from a data rich case
2010-320 Developing a model for enhanced consultation and collaboration between indigenous communities and the fishing industry: A case study between the NPF Industry and Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and Wellesley Island elders
2010-317 Tactical Research Fund: maximising benefits of ITQ management in the Western rocklobster fishery
2010-023 El Nemo South East: Quantitative testing of fisheries management arrangements under climate change using Atlantis
2009-329 Tactical Research Fund: To explore ways to engage successfully with the indigenous community on fisheries R&D issues
2009-328 Tactical Research Fund: Seafood Industry Partnerships in Schools / Program Pilot, Tasmania
2009-327 Tactical Research Fund: Working on Water / a careers promotion program for marine/based sectors
2009-322 People Development Program: Building seafood industry representational capacity
2009-317 Tactical Research Fund: research audit of social sciences fisheries research
2009-311 The three M's project / mentors, mentorees and mentoring seafood project
2009-221 Tactical Research Fund: Improving the economic efficiency of the Southern Squid Jig Fishery
2009-100 Tactical Research Fund: Providing social science objectives and indicators to compare management options in the Queensland trawl planning process
2009-081 Tactical Research Fund: Economic assessment of the impact of recent major changes to fisheries management in the WA West Coast demersal wetline fishery
2009-073 El/Nemo SE: identifying management objectives hierarchies and weightings for four key fisheries in South Eastern Australia
2009-068 Tactical Research Fund: Empowering Industry R,D&E: Transition to MEY goals for the Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery
2009-054 Tactical Research Fund:  Social Science Research Coordination Program / a socio—economic evaluation of the commercial fishing industry in the Ballina, Clarence and Coffs Harbour regions
2009-048-20 [PDF] Development and cost/benefit analysis of an electronic observer system to monitored a remote small vessel commercial fishery
2009-041 Fisheries Social Sciences Research Coordination Program
2009-038 Aboriginal fisheries in New South Wales: determining catch, cultural significance of species and traditional fishing knowledge needs
2008-722 [PDF] Seafood CRC: Scope and economic analysis of options for a nationally unified breeding program that provides significant economic benefit to the Australian abalone aquaculture industry
2008-335 Tactical Response Fund: Understanding the drivers of fisher engagement with industry bodies
2008-334 A scoping study to investigate the feasibility of a national seafood industry exchange (human capital mobility) program
2008-328.18 People development program: Visiting expert / Reviewing the effective implementation of EBFM frameworks and the benefits to the broader community (R. Stephenson (Canadian Fisheries Research Network) )