Trade Bursary Program

Applying for the FRDC Trade Bursary

FRDC is providing the opportunity for young seafood industry members or exporters to attend the a major seafood exposition (Boston, Brussels, or Qingdao), as well a short industry tours (3 days before and/or after) to gain a better understanding of the seafood industry and market. Previous industry tours have included visits to key British retailers such as Tesco and Sainsbury's and Billingsgate Fish Market or tours of Spain (Madrid and Vigo); Paris (Carrefour and Rungis International Market) and most recently Shanghai.

Draft Seafood Expo North America Itinerary - approximately 7 day visit

  • Visit Seafood Expo North America Exposition - more on the Expo visit  
  • Visit US seafood industry in and around Boston - wet markets, retail stores and restaurant/catering.


To apply, please click on the Trade Bursary Application form and fill out the details (application form will be up soon)


The bursary is aimed at Australian Seafood Industry who are under the age of 40, who have not been to the show/exposition previously. Each bursary will be worth up to $7,000, with funds being used to cover for travel, accommodation and some meals.

To apply, the on-line application form must be completed - this will be assessed against answers to the questions (short concise answers are preferred). Following completion of trade tour program the successful candidate will be required to prepare a short report outlining:

  1. issues that you identified that you think need to be considered by any industry member when exporting
  2. ways that future participants can maximise the benefits from participation; and
  3. what you learnt from the experience.

Enquiries should contact Peter Horvat – 02 62850414, 0415 933 557 or

Applications close on Friday 25 January 2019 (COB) and will be assessed by FRDC. The successful applicants will be advised by Friday 8 February 2019. Successful bursary recipients will be accompanied during the visit by FRDC staff and a number of Australia’s most successful seafood traders and exporters. As part of the tour the FRDC does endeavour to factor in and allow for the bursary recipients to undertake their own (additional meetings whenever possible.

To apply, please click on the link to the Trade Bursary Application Form