Strategic planning is central to the FRDC’s business. Core to this is a five year R&D Plan guides investment. Supporting this and actualising the investment is an Annual Operational Plan which is updated each year following the FRDC scanning its business environment, gaining stakeholder feedback on priorities and reviewing existing investments to ensure its portfolio is balanced and well directed.

FRDC’s RD&E investment planning is undertaken with reference to the priorities of the Australian Government and industry priorities as determined through extensive consultation with key stakeholders including the Australian Fisheries Management Forum (AFMF), industry representative bodies research agencies, and broader national and international scanning.


The FRDC R&D Plan 2020-2025 (draft)

The draft FRDC R&D Plan has now been submitted to the Minister for Agriculture, Water and Environment for approval.

You can view the draft FRDC R&D Plan 2020-2025. The FRDC is always open to receiving feedback on the plan.

See how the plan was developed on the RD&E Plan 2020-2025 Planning page.


Annual Operating Plan

The FRDC is required by its enabling legislation to develop an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) each year. The AOP, provides context for the FRDC’s operating environment and highlights the key strategic areas of investment for the coming financial year. When looking to apply for funding the AOP is a key strategic document that should be referred to by stakeholders.


Other planning documents and references can be found on the RD&E Planning and Priorities page