Are there any fish left in the sea?

Yes. The world’s total wild catch has remained constant for almost 30 years. ‘The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016’ published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, reported on 2013 data showing that 58.1 per cent of world fisheries are fully fished and 10.5 per cent could be fished further. The remaining fisheries (31.4 per cent), are currently classed as overfished.

The sustainability of the world’s fish supply is constantly being monitored and improved. Fisheries managers now have the science, data and understanding to ensure wild stocks are well managed and there are plenty of fish for the future.

Is Aquaculture polluting waterways?

With proper management and processes in place, aquaculture is a sustainable form of seafood production, which does not pollute waterways.

Increasingly, standards are being developed to ensure the sustainability of aquaculture operations.

The growth in Australia’s aquaculture industry has been strongly supported by research and development. Aquaculturalists develop and adopt world’s best practice around husbandry, genetics, improving feed and feeding techniques, health and disease control and environmental management.