Research with FRDC

How do I apply for funding?

All the information needed for applying to the FRDC can be found on the Applying for Funding page.

How do I improve my chances of funding?

You can improve your chances of funding by doing the following:

·       read the Applying for Funding page

·       read the FRDC R&D Plan where the priority areas for funding are outlined

·       read the key criteria for applicants

·       contact your local Research Advisory Commitee (RAC) for advice

·       if appropriate contact the FRDC

All applications must be submitted through the FRDC online application systemFishNET 

What do you fund?

The FRDC funds priority research and development within the fishing industry, meeting the government’s national and rural research priorities.

What research have you funded?

Since FRDC was established in 1992 it has funded over 1700 projects on a broad range of topics from the environmental – biology, stock structure, reproduction; industry development – aquaculture development, processing, market development; and people development – PhD, masters, bursaries, leadership skills just to illustrate the range.

When possible, FRDC will make available an electronic version of the final report from each project. These will be available from the Current Research Projects page.

What research is being undertaken now?

Link to current projects

Who pays for the research?

Research is funded by the Australian Government and contributions revenue from the Commonwealth and state-based fisheries