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Sustainable growth in aquaculture across Australia’s north could help local industry meet increasing global demand for high-quality protein
With diverse stakeholders, creating the right links between research and marketing will be a challenge for the fishing and seafood industry
Stakeholders are being asked to have their say in setting priorities for investment in fishing industry research
The tourist dollar is helping to keep this Queensland fish farm buoyant as it works towards expanding production of its award-winning Barramundi
With the health and wellbeing of fisheries, fishers and entire communities at stake, fisheries economists argue that more than a ‘gut feeling’ is needed when considering the financial and social implications of policy decisions
Granite-patterned tanks have become the latest ‘must have’ in hatchery equipment, where the decor is proving critical in addressing fish behaviour that has inhibited production
Research agencies join forces to lift the veil on the influences of the Indian Ocean
Costs, resources and impacts: fisheries managers take on the challenge of finding the balance
Preserving customary fishing practices is more complex than simply providing an allocation for Aboriginal fishers
Australian seafood is set to shine in the light of increased national promotion of food and wine as part of the travel experience for international visitors
Midway between Victoria and Tasmania, King Island is a major trading centre for some of Australia’s highest-value wild-catch fisheries
Additional research and testing facilities will improve the responsiveness of disease-management efforts for Tasmania’s expanding salmonid aquaculture industry
From river to floodplain and back again, new research is tracking where, when and why fish are on the move in the Northern Territory’s river systems
From its origins in the Murray–Darling Basin rivers and streams, the Murray Cod is finding its way onto more urban menus through Marianvale Blue’s successful aquaculture operations
The fishing industry and Murray–Darling Basin community will miss the passionate advocacy of South Australia's Henry Jones
A new online training initiative helps time-pressed apprentice chefs – and others – upgrade their seafood skills
Women in the seafood industry are significant powerbrokers and influencers, a fact that often goes unnoticed
There are risks and benefits to eating any class of foods but when it comes to seafood, Australian regulatory safety standards help keep risks from food poisoning to a minimum