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Atlantic Salmon may soon have a challenger in the form of a native namesake that is the focus of new initiatives from harvesting to product development
Latest news in Australian fisheries
The next iterations of the National Fishing and Aquaculture RD &E Strategy and the FRDC ’s RD &E Plan are progressing
Talking to industry members about what they want from a seafood marketing program is a vital part of ensuring it delivers
Prestige, premium prices and even state bragging rights are some of the benefits that come with gold medal status for aquaculture producers taking part in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
Australia and New Zealand’s abalone industries have distinct cultural and operational differences, but a shared need for better information is bringing closer collaboration
A favourite organisation with fishers has been asked to serve as the marine environment Natural Resource Management agency
Whether they use colour, water, movement or noise, fishers are working to develop new options to keep seabirds at a safe distance from their vessels
The desire to target Greenlip Abalone at their peak weight could lead to significant changes in the timing of harvest for the South Australian fishery, benefiting both abalone populations and fishers
Storybooks, recipes, videos and infographics are all part of the mix industry leaders are using to share the story of fishing and seafood
The rise in whale numbers along Western Australia’s coast has prompted new research to reduce the risk of entanglements in fishing gear
A simple mathematical tool used in agriculture and manufacturing is improving the way the South Australian Pipi Fishery is managed, and optimising its value
Technology that accelerates the growth of juvenile shellfish proved a popular workshop subject when US expert Dale Leavitt met with Australian oyster growers
By drawing on a unique blend of theoretical, practical and local knowledge, an Indigenous marine ranger training program is boosting research capability in northern Australia
Understanding the place of small pelagic fish within the larger food chain is a crucial part of managing these highly variable fish stocks
A year of listening, debating and discussing has paved the way to a new definition of sustainability for Australia’s wild-catch seafood
A tasty local sea snail that can be milked for anti-tumour compounds, anaesthetics and other biologically active chemicals is causing excitement among South Australian aquaculture researchers
Advanced technologies are helping recreational fishers more accurately target their preferred catch, while reducing the environmental effects of their activities
New deepwater camera technology has huge potential to help fishers and fisheries managers by revealing the effectiveness of fishing gear and its effects on the seafloor, allowing for changes to improve performance
A fascination with the forces that allow pests and pathogens to flourish, threatening our aquatic industries, drives Marty Deveney’s research into better biosecurity measures