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A new publication shares the stories of what it takes to produce seafood along with some tasty takes on how to eat it
Australia’s relatively small profile in global aquaculture production could be overhauled with one giant leap forward for the prawn industry
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Personal contact and digital communications are part of the mix keeping the FRDC in contact with stakeholders and improving its value to the fisheries and seafood sectors
Industry support for marketing initiatives is growing, building on early market research and the positive progress of initial industry campaigns
From giant clams to clown fish, five ‘indicator’ species are helping researchers revise water-quality guidelines to better reflect the sensitivities of tropical marine life
Researchers have braved the dangers of remote northern locations – and fish with sharp teeth – to learn more about the health of Australia’s rare sawfish and river shark populations
The recovery of Jungle Perch populations in central and south-east Queensland is one step closer following the first ever release of captive bred fingerlings into local streams
It takes a rare combination of factors for a restocking program to work and be successful including long-term commitment and breeding know-how; popular appeal also helps
Social media is providing opportunities to create stronger connections for fishers and scientists, but is not without its dangers
An innovative school program allows Eyre Peninsula students to ‘dip their toes’ into the waters of the aquaculture industry
Australian innovation is producing world-leading advances in the sustainability of prawn aquaculture
As a devastating disease spreads from French Pacific Oyster farms to the rest of the world, an Australian industry-based R&D company is preparing to defend against inevitable incursions
A new oyster aquaculture industry is on the verge of large-scale commercialisation in South Australia
Indigenous knowledge can provide new ways of understanding the value of Australian fisheries
Fisheries managers are making greater use of fisheries number crunching to ensure public resources provide the best possible returns for the country
By transforming plastic bags and polystyrene into continuously oxygenated bulk-transport containers Australian engineering is revolutionising the transport of live fish
Fishers identify stress as the greatest workplace issue facing their industry
the role of shing in global food security – often overlooked in australia – was one of the ‘big picture’ issues to emerge from wayne dredge’s 2014 nuf eld Scholarship international study program
Rapidly changing cultural values have emerged as a high risk for the future of the fishing industry, not so much for the fish, says Western Australia’s Rick Fletcher