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Austral Fisheries takes sustainability to the next level, investing in tree planting to offset the impact of carbon emissions from fishing
Latest news in Australian fisheries
A new office and new industry services are part of the FRDC’s changes designed to deliver on national priorities for the seafood sector
Recreational fishers, motivated by community stewardship, are helping to develop cost-effective monitoring options for a Western Australian artificial reef trial
From boom to bust and back again, South Australia’s Southern Bluefin Tuna industry celebrates its diamond jubilee this year
From boxes of bulk seafood, new packaging technologies are supporting portion-sized serves and direct marketing to consumers
Working with other sectors to prevent loss of access to fisheries resources is a top priority for Australia’s inshore commercial fisheries
Proof-of-concept research in Tasmania is investigating the possibility of artificial reefs to increase high-value seafood production
Innovation has been crucial in developing a viable fishery and market for Australian octopus
Economic skills continue to bring new insight to the seafood sector’s research and management
History, culture and country come together in the Yagbani Aboriginal Corporation’s Aquaculture Knowledge Partnership Project
A new report advises how Australia can best meet its international commitment to report its Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) recreational catch
The chance to see where Australian wild abalone comes from is drawing the next generation of Chinese chefs to our shores
With five years of funding secured and expanded capabilities, the FRDC’s 2014–15 Annual Report points to changes ahead
A new benchmarking tool offers the chance to test where certification schemes sit against international standards
Industry involvement drives ready-to-use research for Atlantic Salmon aquaculture
A clearer picture of recreational fishing is expected to improve fishing management and the sharing of marine resources
Suzie McEnallay shows there is still plenty of heart in the Wallis Lake fishing community on the NSW north coast