FISH Vol 24 2

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New modelling of the Spencer Gulf marine ecosystem helps to identify how changes to one aspect of the ecosystem affect others
Practice using emergency equipment can pay off in an emergency at sea
Latest news in Australian Fisheries
The Brussels Seafood Expo provides an annual snapshot of the global seafood market and opportunities
From solid scientific foundations, the FRDC will expand communication efforts to the food-service sector
Seafood festivals provide an opportunity to connect with the community and help the seafood sector tell its story, from the source to the final dishes served
Additional staff boost the FRDC’s regional capabilities
Readers provide feedback that will help to shape future issues of FISH magazine
A better understanding of why some fish species ‘vocalise’ allows passive acoustic monitoring to aid management strategies
New perspectives on Australian performance and opportunities emerge from seafood summit
More accessible, up-to-date information on the sustainability of fish stocks that aims to boost community confidence in Australian fisheries is on its way
A combination of research and proactivity provides hope in the wake of the latest outbreak of Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome
Yellowtail Kingfish and tropical white-fleshed fish species are frontrunners in research priorities to develop new aquaculture opportunities for Australia
Molecular detection of parasites based on water sampling offers an early warning system for fish farmers
Face-to-face relationships help build trust, engagement and improve research outcomes for Indigenous communities
Sustainability of Western Rock Lobsters bolsters confidence to expand marketing operations in China
Market opportunities, international consistency and the identification of a new species can all trigger applications for a new or revised official fish name
The newly developed Omega-3 Index can identify a nutritional shortfall that can be easily addressed – with seafood
A new SafeFish report highlights species selection for low-risk, high-benefit seafood
Creating models to test choices and consequences, Tony Smith AM has provided new tools for better fisheries management