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An international investigation identifies the steps needed to realise the growth potential of Australia’s favourite white-fleshed fish
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Latest science in Australian fisheries
Recreational anglers will benefit from new student research presented to the marine science community in Adelaide
Investing in a share of South Australia’s wild harvest fisheries allows customers to access a weekly delivery of freshly harvested seafood
The automated identification of harvested fish could improve confidence in the fishing sector and reduce the cost of surveillance
Fast, simple and accessible training will anchor the new SeSAFE program to prevent injuries and deaths at sea
International research finds good fisheries management does improve ecosystem health, with Australia’s southern fisheries awarded a top ranking
Even when data is limited, the right techniques can help determine the sustainability of fish stocks
If Australia is to maintain its leading edge in fisheries stock assessment and management, it will have to attract more young scientists and encourage a greater level of collaboration
Australia’s marine territories are double the size of its land mass, and protecting these resources from illegal fishers – both foreign and domestic – requires constant vigilance and collaboration between government forces and fishers themselves
A winning presentation reveals how Australian research is revising feed formulations for local Yellowtail Kingfish farming
Victoria’s commercial fishers are making community engagement a priority to build support for the sector and local seafood
An all-Australian Albacore offering adds new value to the fishery (and throws some shade on canned imports)
The results of fish processing, preparation and consumer testing are part of the latest pond-to-plate research into Cobia aquaculture
Portside workshops have generated interest from prawn fishers in gear changes to reduce fishing impact and increase prawn catches
Thinking ahead is helping Tasmanian educators and students meet the needs of the evolving aquaculture sector
The latest fisheries perceptions survey points to opportunities for the industry around greater visibility and engagement
Her early experiences in some of the world’s wildest fisheries have drawn Carolyn Stewardson to help understand and manage Australia’s marine resources for future generations