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Initiatives around the country are kick-starting conversations around mental health in Australia’s seafood sector
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Latest science in Australian fisheries
The search for more sustainable proteins in fishmeal has found some options for Yellowtail Kingfish feeds
Our national judge lifts the lid on what it’s like to eat fish and chips for every meal, as well as what gave Western Australia’s Hooked on Middleton a winning edge
A new report maps the successful characteristics of Indigenous initiatives to develop fisheries
Game fishers with a real passion for Southern Bluefin Tuna are being invited to become Tuna Champions – experts able to seamlessly interweave sport, innovation and a duty to care for this iconic species
Models are providing researchers with predictive capability into the effect of climate change on Australia’s fisheries with implications for fisheries management
One Victorian business is working to rebuild international markets as the inland eel fishery recovers from drought
Camera technology lights the way towards improved stock assessments as researcher Tony Courtney discovers in his search for ways to better understand Queensland’s Scallop fishery
A new vaccine holds hope in controlling an endemic virus that is challenging Atlantic Salmon production
Finding a fit-for-purpose technology to address food fraud depends on what you are trying to prove or protect against
The taste sensation that is smoked seafood has inspired a smokehouse revival in Australia and new opportunities for fishers to add value to their catches. We take a look at a few of those re-embracing this ancient food preservation technique
Building on the work of the founders, Australia’s women in seafood are undertaking new initiatives, championing their contributions and helping to transform the seafood sector itself
Australian households spend an average of $14 a month on seafood to cook at home; there is room for improvement
New technologies and an international partnership are advancing automated and unstaffed ocean data-collection tools, offering new avenues for understanding our marine environment
A project empowering recreational fishers to restore habitat is having a tangible impact on both inland and coastal environments
An expanded leadership program continues to provide participants with opportunities for growth
Survival skills take diverse forms for Victorian fisher John Minehan, from joining research projects and creating new seafood industries to consolidating workplace safety
To help Australian producers join international markets for marine plants, the FRDC is developing an Australian standard for aquatic plant names