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As aquaculture progresses from niche to large-scale operations requiring teams of skilled workers, a major new venture, Project Sea Dragon, is creating economic development and job opportunities
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Latest science in Australian fisheries
The FRDC will take a 10-year view of fishing and aquaculture to 2030 to help guide the development of its next five-year RD&E plan
Can collaboration between fishers and the seafood supply chain help the underrated wild-caught Australian Salmon find a place in a consumer market dominated by a red-fleshed import?
Victoria’s new data-rich marine ecosystem maps and models have revealed important patterns in the dynamics of Southern Rock Lobster and Blacklip Abalone fisheries, which will improve management of these high-value species
Aquaculture is proving to be a fertile space for young researchers looking to have a tangible impact in a range of areas
A report card on the health of Australia’s shark and ray populations gives a tick to most species under Australia’s care and identifies where action is needed
Plans to kickstart action on industry issues, and to bring consumers along on the seafood journey, are part of a new format for the national conference
There is a heightened awareness of biosecurity issues in the aquaculture sector, but more information about relevant diseases and reporting channels could accelerate responses to potential threats
Many community and industry values align, but further action is needed to help secure the social licence of the Australian seafood sector
The Fish 2.0 Regional Innovators Forum in Brisbane has set the scene for Australian seafood innovators to take their products and ideas to the world
With the fisheries sector poised between paper and digital reporting systems, now is the time to create a national, industry-driven digital data system, says Nuffield Scholar Tom Robinson
A research project has used genetic analysis techniques to investigate the diet of Australia’s shy albatross populations, potentially helping fishers to prevent interactions with this at-risk species
Negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Union are underway, with important implications for the Australian seafood industry
Cultural pride, leadership and collaboration were highlights of an Australian delegation’s trip to learn more about Māori involvement in New Zealand fisheries
New science and technologies help managers build on the fundamentals of sustainable fisheries
Combined information on the health benefits and sustainability of Australian fish stocks will help health professionals confidently recommend that clients eat more Australian seafood
When it comes to that iconic Australian experience of sharing fish and chips, the national awards are upping the ante about what customers might expect
Insight into what motivates recreational fishers across the nation is expected to help improve both the experience and fisheries management into the future
Insight gained from Indigenous customs has changed Bryan Denny’s approach to commercial fishing and encouraged his efforts to share these perspectives