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Research on the human dimensions of fisheries is integrating the social and economic aspects of the sector with environmental considerations
Students are diving into action to produce short films documenting what fisheries mean to them and their communities
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Latest science in Australian fisheries
Smartphone apps help rec fishers capture photos of their catch, simultaneously monitoring the health of their favourite fisheries
Recreational fishers are proving to be increasingly proactive in assisting research and gathering data to improve the management and health of fisheries resources
The remarkable story behind the recovery of Southern Bluefin Tuna from an endangered species to a globally sustainable fishery is told in a recently released Australian documentary
New research shows that as fur seal populations recover, the male ‘teens’ in the seal community are creating challenging operating conditions for South Australia’s fishing and aquaculture sectors
An appetite for change is guiding Australia’s abalone industry into a new era of sustainability, with stakeholders from different zones and states sharing ideas and strategies
An extension of the acoustic network around the Australian coastline is set to provide new information about tagged fish and other marine species, helping to improve fisheries management
Sea trials have started as part of South Australia’s strategy to commercialise seaweed aquaculture as quickly as possible
The Indigenous people’s valuable contribution to the fishing sector is being integrated into Australia’s fishing policy and practices
Leading fisheries experts across research, industry and management will come together in a dynamic and comprehensive program to address the future of fisheries
One of Western Australia’s newest fishmongers is using new approaches to make an impact with some of the state’s lesser-known species
Long-term contributors, along with newcomers to the seafood scene, are among those to receive national recognition for their industry-leading efforts
A new technology offers a fast and cost-effective way to make the most of sought-after traits within a fish population’s natural diversity
Finding new ways of doing things to help make fisheries more efficient, safer and more profitable will be the focus of a new FRDC investment strategy
By providing crucial research and advice on food standards and practices, an innovative project continues to ensure Australia’s seafood is safe to eat
An unexpected champion drives innovation to bring premium, Australian-harvested tuna to more markets