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The COVID-19 crisis has given many Australians a new-found appreciation for the simple things in life. For many there is also a welcome and new sense of confidence in the processes and people who provide us with our food, including fishers and farmers.
Latest news in Australian fisheries
Latest science in Australian fisheries
A coalition of research, government and industry partners is working to bring invasive sea urchins under control in Tasmania, with a mix of biological and market solutions
A new initiative provides support from within local fishing communities to help fishers manage the psychological impacts of industry challenges
Lessons in biosecurity and diversification have paid off for a leading Australian Abalone producer, providing valuable business resilience in the face of market disruptions
AI technology offers the potential to help producers improve animal welfare and analyse data for better decision-making
Marine life is quick to colonise built structures in ocean environments, leading to a rethink on what happens to such structures at the end of their commercial life
A central web portal being developed will provide a one-stop shop for those in the fishing and aquaculture sectors looking for information about workplace health and safety
Greater control over breeding processes is producing faster-growing, fatter and more resilient Sydney Rock Oysters, helping the native species gain ground in the marketplace
The FRDC’s new R&D Plan sets the organisation on a more flexible, consultative path to achieve outcomes for Australia’s diverse fishing and aquaculture stakeholders
The evolution towards an industry-wide approach to marketing Australian seafood continues, with government funding adding momentum
Real-time reports from sentinel oysters could provide an early warning of changing water conditions
Research into community trust and acceptance of rural industries indicates Australians believe fishers, farmers and foresters play an important role in society
With potenial new industries ripe for development in northern Australia, collaborative efforts will be key to success
A biosecurity risk analysis is underway to assess using recycled oyster shells to restore lost shellfish reefs
Natural capital accounting can help fisheries businesses assess the risks and opportunities associated with the ecosystem assets they rely on
Good relationships are the backbone of Mervi Kangas’s life’s work on the water, as she strives to ensure commercial fisheries remain sustainable
FRDC final research report update
Vale Colin Creighton, AM and Vale Sime ‘Sam’ Sarin, AM