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Bringing communities together in the care and management of Snapper stocks could prove the key to the future of the species
In brief – Latest news in Australian fisheries
Science briefs – Latest science in Australian fisheries
From surgery on fish to biosecurity plans, aquaculture is expanding, and there is increasing demand for the skills of aquatic animal health experts
The FRDC finds business confidence in the seafood sector remains positive, although there is more it can do to engage stakeholders
Australian Longline’s new $40 million, state-of-the-art fishing vessel makes a bold statement about the company’s confidence in the future of fishing
New reef design amplifies habitat for northern marine species and opportunities for recreational fishers
A report commissioned by the FRDC has found there is no single seafood industry COVID-19 story, but a range of experiences from positive to catastrophic and everything in between
The FRDC has actively promoted workplace wellbeing to support staff through a difficult year
Detailed health assessments on a range of popular recreational and commercial fish species are now a regular part of annual reporting on the health of Queensland’s Gladstone Harbour
Molecular analysis is proving vital in revealing the diversity of Queensland’s native oysters as the development of a new aquaculture initiative accelerates
Excess fuel use and unwanted bycatch are ongoing challenges for trawl fishing in Australia and around the world
Southern Bluefin Tuna is a premium fish, and it is backed by a good news story of species recovery, but bringing the best of the catch to market requires a concerted effort to meet highly focused quality requirements
Research into the contribution of Victorian fisheries to the state’s economy and community wellbeing highlights opportunities for stronger supply chains and community links
A range of shark deterrent devices using acoustic, electronic and electromagnetic technologies is being put to the test in Western Australia’s shark hotspots
New fishery management options emerge from a better understanding of the boom-and-bust Pipi life cycle in South Australia
Oceans connect us all and the High Level Ocean Panel of government leaders has set a course to share the work needed and the benefits to flow from sustainable ocean environments and economies
The story of Andrew and Renae Tobin’s romance is a tale that involves science, seafood, sustainability … and a semi-trailer
Final reports