2018 launch of the National Australian Fish and Chips Awards

Fish loving Australian’s had their say last year casting almost one hundred thousand votes for their favourite fish and chips shops. Now in 2018, it’s again ready, set, batter to see who can topple last year’s winner from the Northern Territory, Frying Nemo.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, continues her support as the patron of the awards and challenges parliamentarians across the country to support their local fish ’n’ chips shops to go for gold. Which corner of Australia will be home to this year’s champion?

Traditionalists will say the best way to eat fish and chips is fresh from the fryer, with fingers from paper wrappings as waves crash and gulls hover. What we know is that it really doesn’t matter because there is a fish and a spud for all occasions and tastes.

Fish and chip lovers are passionate people who know what they like. But equally important they know who they like. Fish and chip shops in some regional and rural communities remain a community centre where people catch up with friends and family.

The fish and chips awards are an oppor-tuna-ty for all Australians to have their say and celebrate not only the shops but the fishers and farmers who make it possible. 

About the awards:

Voting for the Awards starts on 1 August 2018 and closes on 15 September 2018. Winners will be announced on 15 October 2018.

Fish and chips will be rated against a set of five criteria:

  • Taste 40%: Does the seafood taste good? Cooking method will be key here – using the right approach for the right fish and doing it well to make your seafood sing.
  • Service 30%: Does the service meet customer expectations? Everything from the welcome to the goodbye is important.
  • Choice 10%: Does the menu offer customers options? The diversity of seafood, cooking methods and batter styles will count.
  • Information 10%: Are customers provided with accurate information about the source and qualities of the seafood? The menu must comply with the Australian Fish Names Standard and accurately label the seafood’s provenance to a national level, or better.
  • Presentation 10%: Is the store clean and inviting? Is the food packaged well to maintain quality? 

There are two categories of award:

People’s Choice State Award: Chosen by consumers, fish and chips lovers across Australia will be able to nominate and vote for their favourite at www.fishandchipsawards.com.au. Votes for the state and territory people’s choice awards will identify the top stores for judging.

National Judged Fish and Chips Award: The top ranked shops from each state and territory will be judged by the FRDC appointed mystery panel. The judges will use a consistent process across Australia. The judges will then select state and territory winners, followed by national awards winners.

To find out more about the Fish and Chip Awards go to: www.fishandchipsawards.com.au or follow the awards on the Australian Fish and Chips Awards Facebook site: catchoftheyear (www.facebook.com/catchoftheyear).

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation’s (FRDC) General Manager for Communications, Marketing and Trade, Peter Horvat says “based on last year’s awards and what consumers told us, each state and territory have clear favourites. The pick of the fish are King George Whiting, Pink Ling, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper and of course Gummy Shark.”

“Likewise with potatoes, the reigning champion of the Australian chip business is reportedly the Russet Burbank - a floury spud that’s said to make the best chips. But it has challengers including the Sebago, Atlantic, Ranger Russet, Kennebec, Shepody and the Australian-bred Coliban, among others.”

The awards are being coordinated by the FRDC in partnership with the state and territory fishing industry councils.

Fish and chips shops and consumers are urged to get online and vote for their favourite via the Awards website www.fishandchipsawards.com.au

For more information contact: Peter Horvat, peter.horvat@frdc.com.au, 0415 933 557


Media Contacts:

Assistant Minister Anne Ruston: Tom Edwards 0438 791 913

FRDC: Peter Horvat – Manager – Communications, Trade and Marketing – peter.horvat@frdc.com.au; 02 6285 0414 or 0415 933 557