A boost for Indigenous fishing

4 September 2018

A boost for Indigenous fishing

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has just invested $70 000 to promote and increase participation and employment of Indigenous people in the Northern Territory’s fishing and seafood industries.


This project is addressing the need to expand the proportion of Indigenous people participating in all aspects of the NT commercial fishing and seafood industry. This includes capacity building activities, traineeships, employment, research, education and extension services.


“More than 25% of the NT population identify as Indigenous - the highest proportion in any state or territory.” Says FRDC’s Communications manager Peter Horvat “Indigenous people also own approximately 84% of the NT coastline. Participation of Indigenous people in industries and businesses that align closely with cultural values such as in natural and cultural resource management have been shown to have beneficial social, economic and health outcomes”.


This work, led by Julian Morison from BDO EconSearch, will identify five programs or initiatives (at least two short term and at least two longer term) to increase Indigenous involvement in fishing and seafood industries in the NT. It will also directly involve decision makers in the communities and related fisheries in the conduct of the project through their participation in the development of the programs and initiatives.


The FRDC through investing in knowledge, innovation, and marketing aims to increase economic, social and environmental benefits for Australian fishing and aquaculture, and the wider community.

The FRDC is a co-funded partnership between its two stakeholders, the Australian Government and the fishing and aquaculture sectors. 


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Manager of Communications, Trade and Marketing
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
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