• Variations to Projects

    During the life of some projects changes or issues may arrise that cause or require a variation. While these cannot always be foreseen, it is important to keep the FRDC up to date and aware of any changes.

    Variations to a project (e.g., milestone due date; milestone detail; milestone financial amount etc) can be either submitted as part of the milestone report, using the FRDC Milestone Template, or directly to FRDC via email. When requesting a variation the PI is to provide sufficient details and justification for FRDCs consideration. All milestones and variations should be sent to frdc.programs@frdc.com.au, with the project number as the ‘subject’.

    All variations relating to budget, details, project scope should be discussed with FRDC prior to submitting a request. Requests should be made prior to the relevant milestone(s) being due.