FRDC's Stakeholders

FRDC works with a diverse and geographically-dispersed group of stake holders and the four main sectors of fishing and aquaculture (aquaculture, commercial fishing, Indigenous fishing and recreational fishing) whom are not mutually exclusive. For example, Indigenous Fishers may participate in customary fishing, conduct aquaculture and commercial fishing as well as fish recreationally.

FRDC’s stakeholders and partners include:

  • Federal, state and territory governments, including fisheries and natural resources managers
  • All fishing and aquaculture sectors
  • The Australian community, on whose behalf aquatic natural resources are managed
  • Seafood consumers
  • The research community, including universities, government fisheries organisations, further education organisations (e.g. TAFE), international research organisations and private research providers.

FRDC regularly engages with its stakeholders through:

  • The Governance Committee that supports the National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy and the National Research Providers Network which represents fishery and aquaculture researchers (FRDC is a member of both groups)
  • Partnerships between the FRDC, industry sectors and jurisdictions
  • The Australian Fisheries Management Forum, representing government agencies responsible for fisheries management (FRDC is an observer)
  • The FRDC subprograms and coordination programs.

Four ministerially-declared representative organisations to which the FRDC is accountable under legislation:

  1. National Seafood Industry Alliance (representing the seafood industry)
  2. Australian Recreational and Sport Fishing Industry Confederation Inc. trading as Recfish Australia (representing recreational and sport fishers)
  3. Commonwealth Fisheries Association (representing commercial fishers who operate in Commonwealth fisheries)
  4. National Aquaculture Council (representing the aquaculture industry)

Advisory Groups

The FRDC works with its stakeholders to achieve the requirements of their RD&E plan through Advisory Groups (Partnerships).  These advisory groups can be at the jurisdiction level (RACs) or sector level (IPAs), and provide key information to the FRDC on the prioritisation and assessment of research.  Additionally, the FRDC will develop subprograms to provide a higher level of coordination, integration and communication for areas of national significance.  Each of the FRDCs current RACs, IPAs and Subprograms are described below. 

Each year the FRDC holds a workshop with key advisory groups to set the priorities for the coming year and future funding rounds. Details and presentation from the workshop are available on the Stakeholder Workshop page.

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