Accident statistic tool

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Western Australian Fishing Industry Council Inc (WAFIC)

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Tanya L. Adams

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In order for the industry to evaluate its performance in workplace accidents an industry driven system is required. The only available data at the moment is gained from fatalities and hearsay and it is extremely difficult to address areas of concern using this data. The industry must have its own reliable data to ensure appropriate insurance premium rates are established and the performance monitored by insurers is accurate. In order for industry to establish priority areas, the collection of information is essential and presently none of the methods available meet industry requirements. This makes it impossible to monitor the performance of the industry due to the lack of useful data and doesn’t allow the industry to target areas with application to training courses and safety awareness sessions.


1. Design and test a standard accident reporting system

2. Design and test a software system for data inputs and reports

3. Develop a mechanism for ensuring industry is trained in the use of the reporting process