Southern Rock Lobster Planning and Management for a National Research Development & Extension (RD&E) Program

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Southern Rocklobster Ltd (SRL)

Principal Investigator:

Tom Cosentino

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Adoption, Communities, Environment, Industry, People


1. Coordinate Southern Rock Lobster RD&E planning and management so that RD&E is strategically prioritized and delivered cost-effectively.

2. Deliver a corporate structure, resources and processes for SRL that ensures:a) Leadership focusing on continuous industry development through the delivery of the SRL Strategic Plan b) a strategic focus on maximising profitability across the value chain within the limits of sustainability of the resource, c) high level governance at the operational, planning and strategic level; and d) effective engagement of all stakeholders in planning and building SRL’s value proposition to ensure further development within the fishery and relevance of SRL’s functions.

3. Engage with Southern Rock Lobster Processors and Exporters (post-harvest sector) to establish a representative body and processes for contributing to industry development, RD&E initiatives and representation of this body on the SRL Board.

4. Communicate consistent information and the extension of R&D outputs to support and promote the adoption of new technology, science and other project outcomes through mediums such as the SRL Newsletter, website and fact sheets